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Parker Fitzgerald
Waiting on a delivery
Fri Apr 20, 2018 17:01

E-mail. Parker really wished he had e-mail. Since finding out his sister might come, then being locked in school for Christmas, and a him getting sick, which he'd let his mom know about because..., well Parker couldn't think of why not to tell her, and he knew once the school was on lock down she'd worry about it. He'd really wished for quicker communication than having to write things out by hand. It hurt, it took a long time to hear back, and he had no idea if the other person had even gotten his note.

Now he was eating breakfast waiting for two things to come, one in particular, and he had no idea if they either were even coming since he couldn't get immediate response from his last batch of three letters.

One of the letters had been to his sister. It was the second one he'd written to her since the one from his mother, and the first one he started to explain more about what her classes would be like. He'd already talked to her about the different houses and Quidditch, but he now took more time talking about the gardens and the grounds. He had wanted to wait and tell her certain things in person about how those from wizarding families felt about those from non-wizarding families such as them. That though had been pushed back to the summer. He had put in a flower he'd found in the garden. He'd pressed in the pages of his DADA book and was pretty sure it wasn't magical, but instead of asking a Professor, he sent it thinking that it was easier to ask forgiveness instead of permission. Plus, if she was coming here, sharing something magical wouldn't be too crazy.

He had also written to his brother. It had been a short letter, but after talking with Jouza and having had his anger or fear of his brother build up into an explosion, Parker thought maybe he could find something in common with his brother. After all, his brother had been teaching him some work out routines. So Parker wrote about what he'd been doing non- magic wise, not telling him about DnD, but a lot of other things, and mentioning how weird it felt to be so far from home with a lot of other people so far from home too.

He had written his last letter to his mother and father explaining what was happening, and that he was fine. He had also mentioned that though the healer had said he was good, there still had been no Quidditch games, thus no injuries other than the flu he'd had to report. Parker didn't want to mention exploding rooms to anyone in his family, for fear that something might happen to his sister. He had though asked for something. Specifically he wanted two gifts. One of them for himself, one of them for a friend. His mom might guess which friend it was, but it was unclear if his father knew anything about Cleo. He'd asked for his own broom (though how his parents would buy it, he didn't know), and specific materials. He'd asked for a few feathers, if they could get eagle one's great, if not than big feathers were fine. Two hoops, Hemp, and a few other things.

He wanted to get at least the materials before Christmas because he wanted to have everything finished by then and ready to give to Cleo.

Parker hadn't seen Cleo since the table accidentally burst into flame when they were told they wouldn't be going home for Christmas. He'd wanted to talk to her, but also didn't want to bother her. Not sure if she wanted him to be around anyways. Plus, he wanted to be able to give her something on Christmas to make her feel better for being away from her family.

So Parker sat in Cascade Hall eating his food without looking at it. Instead keeping his eyes up waiting for any owls that might be approaching.
If all else fails , he thought looking at the windows maybe I could make one with things from around Sonora.

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