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No, you're just new to me and therefore scary
Fri Apr 20, 2018 22:23

“Ah,” he said, when Parker mentioned that the letter was from home and that he wasn’t really sure how to feel about it. “I hope it is better soon,” he offered, waiting to see if Parker wanted to say any more than that, because Dorian didn’t mind if he did but definitely felt he shouldn’t pry.

“It is ok,” he shrugged, when Parker apologised, wondering whether he should try to say something less banal than that. Something still empathetic but probably still nondescript… But before he could construct a suitable remark, Parker seemed to go for thoroughly changing the subject, underlining the point by tucking the letter away in his pocket. He didn’t want to talk about it then. Fair enough.

“Dorian,” he replied, shaking Parker’s hand, assuming that the other boy knew his name already because they had been in the same small class for over a year now, and that he was just being… well, formal. Which surprised Dorian, because he was pretty sure he hadn’t actually been formal with Jehan or Vlad when they’d first met, and he had always been led to believe that Muggleborns did not have good manners. He hadn’t hesitated in shaking Parker’s hand because he knew it would be very rude not to, but he hoped that people weren’t going to judge him for that sort of thing. He sort of got the impression that most people at Sonora valued being, at the very least, civil, but he wasn’t sure where the line was between that and looking like you were befriending. Dorian didn’t always see the point of sticking to every rule, given that they were contradictory in the first place. And he had decided first and foremost to value his own opinions, along with those of the people who mattered to him. He knew Jehan wouldn’t judge him, both because Jehan was kind and sweet and would never advocate being unkind to anyone, but the looming spectre of judgement looked not unlike Victor Callahan. Dorian wasn’t really sure what would happen if Victor thought ill of him but it wasn’t a happy thought. Jehan seemed to have relatively little regard for his parents’ opinion. They wanted him to eat meat. He refused. His father wanted him to stop reading ‘nonsense.’ He wouldn’t. He was pretty sure that if Jehan’s parents found any cause to disapprove of him as a friend, it would make no difference whatsoever to Jehan’s feelings. But he wasn’t so sure about Victor. He and Jehan were so close. If Victor thought Dorian wasn’t a good enough friend for Jehan, would Jehan listen to him? It was like if Émilie hadn’t liked Jehan… It would have been a big problem. He knew what his own brother’s reaction would have been to him fraternising with a Muggleborn - a smack around the head and a lecture on family honour, and ‘basic decency’ (another example of the stupid contradictions of all the rules he was supposed to follow, because he thought that refusing to shake another person’s hand was a pretty big violation of ‘basic decency’). He knew that Victor wasn’t Matthieu. He was acutely aware of it every time Jehan described his relationship with his brother and he felt a tiny little stab of something like jealousy. But he didn’t really know Victor, apart from knowing that he doted on Jehan. And where there were gaps in his knowledge, it was hard not to project his only frame of reference for what an older brother was like into the space…

“Yes. Uh… thank you,” he said, a little awkwardly. He never knew how to react when people complimented him on speaking multiple languages. He supposed he could just smile and accept it, but he felt like a fraud accepting a compliment on something that he hadn’t had to work to achieve. “It is not really so impressive though. I just growed up speaking many languages because my parents speak them - uh, my father is Quebecois, my mother is Chinese,” that was the one that was potentially a surprise - his accent made it obvious that he was French speaking, and his ability to attend school in English made it clear that he was at least somewhat capable there. His Chinese was… the least visible of his languages, “so each is speaking that to us and then together English - but a bit bad English. Or now French because Mama learned it. To learn a foreign language, that is difficult, but for me… none of my languages is foreign to me? I mean, now I try to learn the foreign language by learning Russian with Tatya, but I am not good at it. I make very ugly sentences and do not know my words.

“Sorry… That is a lot of information, but always when people say about my languages to me it seems to become complicated. You play with the Pecari Quidditch team?” he returned, because it seemed polite to acknowledge that he had noticed something about Parker and his existence, seeing as he appeared to know a little about Dorian, even though Quidditch wasn’t really his favourite subject, “Ah, so you will also know Tatya quite good?” he added, with a little more animation, because the subject of a mutual acquaintance always eased things. Unless they hated each other. But he was fairly certain that if Tatya had hated Parker, or been on the receiving end of any obvious unpleasantness from him, he would have heard about it. Being direct was one of Tatya’s good qualities - one never had to second guess her feelings on a subject. The only possibility that this was not a good subject was if Parker had harboured a kind of quiet seething resentment towards her, which she might not have picked up on.

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    • No, you're just new to me and therefore scary — Dorian, Fri Apr 20 22:23
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