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Merry Christmas Everyone
Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:20

Selina took a deep breath, readying herself to enter the hall, and hoping that nothing was on fire. ‘Things not being on fire’ had apparently, at some point in the year, become her baseline for a good day. They had done their best to make things festive. The grounds had been covered with a thick blanket of snow - something that was a yearly occurrence but which few Sonorans got to enjoy much more than a few hours of, seeing as they headed home for the holidays. The school had been very thoroughly decorated, with a Christmas tree in each common room, plus more in the hall, and tinsel liberally wound around anything that stayed still.

Now it was Christmas Day itself. There had been a schedule for all the students to make Floo calls home using the staff offices (the parents of Muggleborns had had someone visit to connect them for the day). During the day, the Cascade Hall had had several small fireplaces, dotted at intervals, so that small groups could make themselves comfortable with friends or family members. Now evening was drawing in, and it was time for Christmas dinner. The fireplaces faded away, but the hall still looked a little different than usual; the waterfalls that usually cascaded down the walls, giving the room its name, had been frozen, glittering as they reflected the candle light from the many festive displays around the hall. The house tables had been removed, and instead there was one large circular table, plus the staff table. Selina had considered some kind of egalitarian “it’s Christmas and we’re all in this together” gesture, but she couldn’t imagine that any of the students actually wanted to sit with their teachers (well, a couple of the older girls might have had their eye on a couple of the younger professors but the less that was encouraged the better) any more than the teachers wanted to sit with them. There was a choice of meats, and a nutroast for any vegetarians, plus all the trimmings. Once everyone had had their fill of the main course, desserts such as pumpkin pie would appear.

There wasn’t a speech. It was Christmas. It was a time for each other, for the people they were close to. Selina simply wished them all a Merry Christmas and let the meal begin.

OOC - the ‘end of Midterm’ will be posted over the weekend, but you are free to carry on your Midterm threads as long as you like. There won’t be a returning feast this year, seeing as no one went anywhere, and because we have Christmas dinner. You are also welcome to play off any of the items mentioned in this post (e.g. making a call home - use your house board). Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas, CaitlinWinston Pierce, Mon May 7 13:46
      Winston was not best pleased with the whole Quarantine thing. While it was neat to have Simon and Victor on hand for the holiday, he missed his mother and father, and Mt. Pierce in the winter.... more
      • Merry Christmas to you too.Caitlin Pierce, Sat Jun 2 21:58
        Caitlin wasn't sure how to feel about Quarantine. She missed her parents and grandparents of course and she was eager to hear her parents praise her accomplishments. The first year had done quite... more
    • When Nathaniel had fallen ill, Simon had of course gone to visit his cousin and see that he was comfortably settled into the hospital wing, but he had thought relatively little of it. Perhaps... more
      • How about we make it more like home?Sylvia Mordue, Mon Apr 23 09:40
        Sylvia had felt that the end of term couldn’t come fast enough. She had been very keen to go home and see her parents anyway, and then Nate had got sick, which had been dreadful. She had initially... more
        • I'd approve, except for it making you ill.Nathaniel (with a bit of Simon), Sat May 5 21:50
          Nathaniel had not known at first how the interviews with their families were going to be conducted, but all in all, he thought it had worked out as well as it could. He missed seeing Uncle Alexander... more
          • Sylvia was a little surprised by Nate’s tone being so full of sympathy and concern. She was actually quite pleased to see the plates. But of course, overall, having the illness wasn’t good. It might... more
            • That’s the spirit.Simon and Nathaniel , Tue May 8 20:39
              Nathaniel and Sylvia had, on examination, almost precisely the same eyes, but no matter how long they continued to do so, it never ceased to surprise Simon slightly whenever he noticed it. It was, he ... more
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