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Simon Mordue
Let's have ourselves a slightly awkward little Christmas.
Sat Apr 21, 2018 21:49

When Nathaniel had fallen ill, Simon had of course gone to visit his cousin and see that he was comfortably settled into the hospital wing, but he had thought relatively little of it. Perhaps Nathaniel had looked sicker than Simon had ever been in his first year, but Nathaniel was as apt as not to go for walks in the rain if he felt like it, or wanted to photograph something in rain, or whatever, and Nathaniel privately struck him as too much like Aunt Cynthia anyway – slight, frail-looking for all his activity, not someone of substance. He had dismissed it as a dramatized head cold.

Since the announcement to the school that an illness was going around, however, Simon had repented of his low opinion of his cousin’s fortitude. Everyone was as likely as not to get ill, Nathaniel had just had poor luck in being an early case – or just in being a Teppenpaw, as that seemed to be the point of origin for the whole condition, with the largest number of cases going on there. Nathaniel could not help where he had been Sorted any more than he could help being a first year and therefore someone who was going to get ill more often due to how little time he’d spent away from home before now.

It seemed unlikely that Nathaniel would ever know what Simon had thought at the time – he had not told anyone, not even fully explaining his theory that Nathaniel was either dramatic or feeble to Winston though he had taken a lighter tone than he would have if he’d known Nathaniel was really ill, and Nathaniel and Simon themselves had never enjoyed that rapport which existed between Nathaniel and Sylvia, where they could most likely divine something of each other’s thoughts. Nevertheless, Simon felt guilty. This made the prospect of Christmas dinner a bit complicated. Even if he had been able to justify the idea of leaving their cousin out when they were all here together, Sylvia would not have done it, so sitting together seemed inevitable.

He was not sure if the new arrangement of the Cascade Hall for the Feast was something which was going to help or not. On one hand, they wouldn’t have to awkwardly work out who should sit across from the other two – the round table was far too large for that to be practical. On the other hand, they were all going to end up sitting in a line one way or another, which he imagined would make conversation difficult between three people. Someone would get left out, and it would probably be him.

Despite the inexplicable and bizarre choice to eliminate the smaller nooks in favor of a round table, the room did look beautiful. He admired it for a moment before going to try to find his family, which happened perhaps slightly sooner than he might have lived. He smiled broadly at them. “Merry Christmas,” he said, sitting next to Sylvia.

Nathaniel, on her other side, smiled back. His cousin looked cheerful, but did he also still look slightly pale? Simon felt another twinge of guilt.

“Merry Christmas, Simon,” he said.

  • Merry Christmas EveryoneDH Skies, Sat Apr 21 10:20
    Selina took a deep breath, readying herself to enter the hall, and hoping that nothing was on fire. ‘Things not being on fire’ had apparently, at some point in the year, become her baseline for a... more
    • Merry Christmas, CaitlinWinston Pierce, Mon May 7 13:46
      Winston was not best pleased with the whole Quarantine thing. While it was neat to have Simon and Victor on hand for the holiday, he missed his mother and father, and Mt. Pierce in the winter.... more
      • Merry Christmas to you too.Caitlin Pierce, Sat Jun 2 21:58
        Caitlin wasn't sure how to feel about Quarantine. She missed her parents and grandparents of course and she was eager to hear her parents praise her accomplishments. The first year had done quite... more
    • Let's have ourselves a slightly awkward little Christmas. — Simon Mordue, Sat Apr 21 21:49
      • How about we make it more like home?Sylvia Mordue, Mon Apr 23 09:40
        Sylvia had felt that the end of term couldn’t come fast enough. She had been very keen to go home and see her parents anyway, and then Nate had got sick, which had been dreadful. She had initially... more
        • I'd approve, except for it making you ill.Nathaniel (with a bit of Simon), Sat May 5 21:50
          Nathaniel had not known at first how the interviews with their families were going to be conducted, but all in all, he thought it had worked out as well as it could. He missed seeing Uncle Alexander... more
          • Sylvia was a little surprised by Nate’s tone being so full of sympathy and concern. She was actually quite pleased to see the plates. But of course, overall, having the illness wasn’t good. It might... more
            • That’s the spirit.Simon and Nathaniel , Tue May 8 20:39
              Nathaniel and Sylvia had, on examination, almost precisely the same eyes, but no matter how long they continued to do so, it never ceased to surprise Simon slightly whenever he noticed it. It was, he ... more
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