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New can be scary at first, but then they become everyday
Fri Apr 27, 2018 09:46

Parker felt bad bringing up his family, and then not sharing. But what would he say. He wasn't sure if Dorian was one of those at school who was focused on the purity of blood. Mentioning his sisters name might mean that Parker was setting Lyssa up for something, probably something bad.

Parker had always felt like he was her protector in some way, especially when it came to their brother John Jr. When John Jr. was at his worst, Parker literally would step in front of her. So with this most recent news, he now felt like he had to step in front of possible anger pure blood families might feel for having two of a muggleborn family members in the school. If only Parker could let it be known that Sonora was getting the better two of the siblings, and if Lyssa was coming, Sonora was most assuredly getting the best the Fitzgerald family had to offer. On the plus, Parker was pretty sure Lyssa would want to be in the Garden Adventurers or at least the Gardening Club, so there was that. But Parker wanted to appear formal for Dorian, since so much of the culture here seemed to be stuck in the 1900's version of what formal meant.

As Dorian began talking about the languages he spoke though, Parker let out a long whistle. French, Chinese, English, and now Russian. That was impressive. Dorian was like a one man treaty negotiation team, like the ones from the Avenger movies or from the comic books Parker sometimes read. Although Parker didn't know what a Quebecois was, he assumed it was a place that spoke something like French, if not actually French. Chinese though he understood. Parker felt a momentary pang of jealousy. Dorian had learned these languages from the beginning of his life. All Parker had learned was English, and self-defense against an older brother.

"That's still impressive Dorian. I can speak in English, but that's it. I tried to pick up a few words in Spanish from my friends back home. I wasn't good at it, I was really bad when they gave us Spanish lessons in school. Maybe I need to learn languages like you learned Chinese or French. Fully surrounded by it. Have to use it to live and be understood ya know?

Parker nodded at Dorian's question about Quidditch. He did play, but hadn't done so much this year, probably because of the weird flu going around. Probably wouldn't be good if someone suddenly blew up while on a broom surrounded but a few other people also on brooms. Still, Parker missed it. He missed having something to do besides studies as Cleo was still not doing the Gardening Club yet, and DnD wasn't meeting all the time. Quidditch, Parker realized suddenly, had been his identity. It's how people knew him, it was what he was. Parker wasn't sure if he was entirely upset by this, but it did leave him feeling... not complete. He felt the need to have another identity as well.

"Ya, I'm also part of the Gardening Club as well," was the first thing that popped into Parker's mind. He couldn't stop himself, and immediately felt like he was acting like a fool. Thankfully Dorian gave him an out when he mentioned Tatya.

Parker knew Tatya, and talked to her, but didn't hang out with her as much as he wanted to this year, especially because they hadn't had much Quidditch. Still, she was nice, and though she seemed to act weirdly around him, Parker couldn't decide if it was because of he was a muggle or because of something else.

"Yes! I know her. I try to learn some Russian words from her from time to time, but I never get to practice them, so sadly I never really get any good at Russian either."

Parker paused momentarily. He wanted to figure out if Dorian might be up for adventuring in the Garden from time to time. Maybe a boy would be an adventure buddy with him, since Cleo was still sitting in her room a lot. Dorian also knew Tatya, as he called her, but as they weren't supposed to tell others where their room was located, he wasn't sure how often Dorian made it outside to the Labyrinth.

Putting down his fork, Parker turned to Dorian. He wanted to word his question in a way that didn't seem weird or could be misunderstood.

"I love being outside, and I am trying to find cool places to go, so I'm just curious, what's your favorite place in the Labyrinth?"

Parker hoped there might be enough qualifiers before the question to seem polite.

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