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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
I am a reasonable, non-stabby human
Sat May 5, 2018 13:03

Tarquin took a seat at the staff table, trying not to stab too moodily at his lasagne. He was spending a lot of time floo calling back home, but his family were insisting that he occasionally needed to get out of his office and mix with actual people, and that the social interaction incurred by students checking out books did not count. He was also aware that he needed to eat, and so avoiding the public areas of the school was fairly impossible, although his schedule often had him eating at slightly odd hours. Today though, he was having a meal at a normal time, and pretending to be a relatively normal human, which was why he was trying not to be too stabby with the lasagne. Part of the reason he didn’t want to talk to his colleagues much was that he was acutely aware that the last time he’d said anything in front of most of them, it had been to be angry, announce himself as Dangerous to Others, and storm out of a staff meeting. He knew there was a lot of that middle one going around right now, but it didn’t help him feel any less embarrassed, especially as he didn’t think most of the staff knew him well enough to know what he was like on a good day, and then they’d managed to see him on a pretty terrible one.

He was no longer a Danger to Others, having come down with the fever shortly after his song and dance number in the gardens. He hadn’t bothered the medic… He and Danny had been using the floo connection a lot, not just to talk but also to send things. As soon as Danny realised Tarq would be coming down with the fever soon, he had sent a care package consisting of medication and records with Tarq’s favourite wireless dramatisations because regardless of the fact that Tarq was stuck in a facility with a fully licensed and qualified healer, he was his husband, and it was his job to take care of him.

“Hello,” he nodded, when someone sat next to him. “How’s it going?” he asked, a little stiffly, both because he felt awkward about his previous outburst, but also because he felt this was a somewhat loaded question given that they were all, at the very least, probably going stir crazy, if not expressing that graphically through displays of accidental magic.

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