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Oh it's- horrible. Truly horrible. But I will be brave
Sat May 5, 2018 22:49

Sylvia was a little surprised by Nate’s tone being so full of sympathy and concern. She was actually quite pleased to see the plates. But of course, overall, having the illness wasn’t good. It might lead to embarrassment later on, if she had other bursts of magic that weren’t quite so subtle. She didn’t really want to be embarrassed, that was true, and even though everyone knew what was going on now, it still could be awkward… And then there was the fever. Sylvia didn’t really mind the thought of being sick very much. It inclined people to fuss over her even more than they usually did - and indeed, Nate was already promising to read to her, and Simon to get her whatever she wanted.

Of course, they would need to feel that their sympathy was appreciated - which it was, but because she liked being the centre of attention rather than because she was in need of their reassurance, and it was the latter that they wanted. Girls were not meant to be brave and capable at just getting on with things, and so even if she felt perfectly able to deal with having a small fever, she knew it would be unwise to communicate this to the boys, who needed to feel that they had done well in looking after her and bolstering her spirits.

“Thank you,” she smiled tentatively at both of them, “I’m sure it will be fine,” she added, not with the brash confidence which she actually felt, but in a tremulous and small voice, which sought further reassurances. One that suggested she was trying to be brave but it was hard because she was a girl and girls just weren’t good at that, and needed other people to be it on their behalf. “Especially with you both looking after me.

“There’s the new Mount Ivory story that I got for Christmas. Maybe I could save starting that. And then, in a way, being ill could sort of be something to look forward to...” she continued, in much the same tone, “Would you read that to me?” she asked Nate. The series, about a group of society girls and their lives at boarding school was one of Sylvia’s favourites. She had been working through Simon’s offer in the back of her mind, trying to work out how best to use it. And her mind hit upon exactly what she wanted. She wondered whether it would be going too far - Simon hadn’t been willing to indulge her about Nate’s sorting, and had talked about her needing to be a big girl now. But the combination of it being Christmas and her being sick seemed like her best shot. “Do you think I can have Mr. Sparkles?” she asked him, naming her favourite unicorn. As Sylvia had had him since she was less than a year old, he was not the most presentable member of her collection. Even with the help of magic, he was not quite as white and sparkly as he was in the first photos of her enthusiastically hugging him, and his stuffing had a tendency to bunch towards both ends leaving a soggy portion around his middle, however many times her parents redistributed it. But he was her favourite because he had been a first Christmas present ‘from Nathaniel’ and even though he, at around six months old, had obviously played no part in choosing it (or even been aware of its existence, or the existence of their first Christmas), Mr. Sparkles had always been described thus, and Sylvia thought of him extra fondly for this reason. She looked up at Simon, her green eyes wide and Very Sad about the Horrible Prospect of Being Ill. She let her lip tremble for just a second but then pointedly stopped it because she was Trying So Hard to Be Brave.

  • I'd approve, except for it making you ill.Nathaniel (with a bit of Simon), Sat May 5 21:50
    Nathaniel had not known at first how the interviews with their families were going to be conducted, but all in all, he thought it had worked out as well as it could. He missed seeing Uncle Alexander... more
    • Oh it's- horrible. Truly horrible. But I will be brave — Sylvia, Sat May 5 22:49
      • That’s the spirit.Simon and Nathaniel , Tue May 8 20:39
        Nathaniel and Sylvia had, on examination, almost precisely the same eyes, but no matter how long they continued to do so, it never ceased to surprise Simon slightly whenever he noticed it. It was, he ... more
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