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Winston Pierce
Merry Christmas, Caitlin
Mon May 7, 2018 13:46

Winston was not best pleased with the whole Quarantine thing. While it was neat to have Simon and Victor on hand for the holiday, he missed his mother and father, and Mt. Pierce in the winter. Certainly, there was the MARS rooms for ice skating, and the gardens even had sledding, but it just wasn't the same as at home. For one there, there were far too many people, to say nothing of the certain key ones that were missing.

At least that number was one less than it would have been last year. He made sure to sit next to his sister for the Christmas Dinner. He'd already spent a fair amount of the day with her, giving her his present (a nice little silver necklace with a Crotalus charm on it) that morning, but it was Christmas Dinner, and Christmas Dinner was for Family. Fortunately, Caitlin was probably who he would have missed the most anyway, had she not been at Sonora with him, so he supposed he was lucky in that respect.

He smiled at her as they escaped any kind of tedious speech, and just began filling up his plate with turkey. "I never much like the ham Great-Grandmother insists on anyway," he confided to her. "So this is a plus."

He smiled encouragingly, hoping to keep some of the Christmas spirit up and running for his little sister, even if they were trapped at school. "Did you have a good Christmas, Caitlin? Despite . . . everything?"

OOC: Also, no accidental magic yet, but Winston is infected, if you wish to choose to become ill.

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    • Merry Christmas, Caitlin — Winston Pierce, Mon May 7 13:46
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