Simon and Nathaniel
That’s the spirit.
Tue May 8, 2018 20:39

Nathaniel and Sylvia had, on examination, almost precisely the same eyes, but no matter how long they continued to do so, it never ceased to surprise Simon slightly whenever he noticed it. It was, he thought, something to do with the general expression of Nathaniel’s; his cousin often looked slightly distant, half-dreaming, his gaze a touch unfocused in a way Simon blamed on Aunt Cynthia - on the influence of her character on that of her eldest son, that was, not her influence on other aspects of his appearance, where the resemblance was undeniably most apparent and least disputable.

Usually, Simon was not a great admirer of this quality, but at the moment it occurred to him that never showing a lot of concentrated anything could have certain advantages to it - or else Nathaniel really wasn’t much bothered by the idea of even being seen with a Mount Ivory story in his hands in a semi-public place, much less reading one aloud, but Simon could scarcely imagine that was true even of Nathaniel. Even had the hospital wing (along with the rest of Sonora, really - it was sometimes exhausting) not been a semi-public place, the prospect of reading a Mount Ivory story would not have exactly appealed. Nathaniel, however, seemed unperturbed.

“I’ll give it a try if you feel like listening,” said Nathaniel, either insanely loyally or, it occurred to Simon, very carefully - he had had the illness, and perhaps had not appreciated Sylvia’s nursing efforts so much as he had pretended. If he thought she wouldn’t feel like listening, he was making a less reckless offer than it sounded like he was….

Simon was half-entertaining this thought when it came his turn to repent of doing a kindness. It was with effort that he kept his own face straight at the thought of the writing to their parents with a request which in any way involved the words ‘Mr. Sparkles….’

“I’ll see what I can do, Sylvie,” he managed. He had promised. He could not go back on his word.

He looked at the plates. “For now, I can’t say I’m sorry to see our own plates,” he remarked.

“They’re a very good copy,” agreed Nathaniel, and the glance he gave Sylvia, curiously, looked almost concerned. Why would the plates being a good copy be worrisome? “I don’t suppose the chocolate gateau we have at your house will appear too?” he added hopefully, and Simon allowed himself a chuckle.

  • Sylvia was a little surprised by Nate’s tone being so full of sympathy and concern. She was actually quite pleased to see the plates. But of course, overall, having the illness wasn’t good. It might... more
    • That’s the spirit. — Simon and Nathaniel , Tue May 8 20:39
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