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Ann and Ann Pierce
Let's try to reduce them
Fri May 25, 2018 20:03

Annette's smile slipped for just a moment, but then she brought it back. She was going to assume most of what she had just said went over the foreign girl's head. Sonora seemed to be expanding its influence. There had certainly been some English kids around when she'd attended the school, but that was definitely not the kind of accent this girl had. She couldn't exactly identify what it was but she was guessing based on the overly simple sentence structure the girl used, that it didn't come from a country that spoke primarily English.

"Yes," she said, trying to talk slower and more clearly, "We make dresses for younger girls, too." The most prominent displays were aimed older students, partly because they cost more, partly because they looked more eye-catching, and partly because they were, well, bigger, and could be seen from farther away. "Come here," she invited, leading the girl to where they had some of the dresses aimed at younger pupils. Some were just less busty cousins of the older dresses, but some were simply designed with a younger sort of girl in mind.

"Annabelle, my sister," she pointed out her twin, who looked up, waved, and smiled when she heard her name, "She makes everything here. She can make whatever you want," Annette paused for a moment, knowing this was a longer sentence but not quite sure how to break it down into smaller ones, "even if we don't have it here today. We can owl it before the ball."

  • There are so many ways this can go wrong.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu May 24 19:17
    It was, Tatiana thought, the strangest things which reminded her of how awkward and inadequate her English really still was. Her grasp on school words and vocabulary had improved immensely, along... more
    • Let's try to reduce them — Ann and Ann Pierce, Fri May 25 20:03
      • I'm giving it my best.Tatiana, Mon May 28 21:21
        Younger. That was the word. Tatiana thought she would have recognized it on paper, but reading was so much easier than speaking, and she didnít often have occasions to compare her age to other... more
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