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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
We have been forcibly incarcerated with teenagers...
Mon May 28, 2018 07:57

“Indeed. I am quite glad that they’re back to being your responsibility,” he nodded, when Grayson mentioned the possibility of explosions in the library. “I do hope anyone who was feeling… that way inclined would take themselves off somewhere else and not recklessly endanger innocent books though,” he frowned. He certainly had done, although his own exploding had been of a far less literal nature. He hoped most of the people who were inclined to use the library were conscientious enough to think of that, or to just be gentle enough people that their accidents didn’t take the form of explosions. It was hard to imagine Dorian, for example, blowing anything up. Although… “If you have reason to suspect that…. Uh… Is she called Tatya? Tatiana?” he had never had an actual conversation with her, but he had heard Dorian talk both to and about her, though considerably less than Jehan Callahan, and had had cause to hear and write down both student’s names when they checked out books. “The very flamboyant Russian one,” he clarified. He had witnessed her frustration during the little language study group they had going, and felt that she had potential towards being incendiary, “If she gets sick, warn me.

“Mmm, a fair bit,” he nodded, when Grayson asked if he read much out of the main library, “I mean, we might not regard them as adults until… Whenever,” he gestured vaguely, given that the age varied somewhat depending on what adulting, exactly, was being suggested, “But literature-wise, your average high schooler’s capable of reading the classics. And I certainly haven’t read every piece of decent literature, poetry and philosophy in the library yet. There’s probably some quite interesting theory, enough to challenge the brightest students means it goes above RATS level occasionally, and it’s not like I took seventh year exams in every subject, though I do tend to stick more to the arts.

“What’s your preferred reading material? And did you say writing?” he added curiously. Possibly Grayson just meant writing to family, but people usually put ‘to family’ on the end of that verb to make it clear they meant that as opposed to actual… writerly writing.

  • Are there many reasonable stabby humans?Grayson Wright, Sun May 27 21:41
    Gray considered the argument for discontinuing lessons for the break. “Hm, fair – though if they’re going to explode things anyway, it might be better to have them where you can watch them instead of ... more
    • We have been forcibly incarcerated with teenagers... — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Mon May 28 07:57
      • Gray sympathized with the librarian’s position – he truly did – but he had to work to suppress a smile at the indignation roused on the part of the innocent books nevertheless. Could books, then, be... more
        • Which might make our stabbiness seem more reasonableTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed May 30 07:47
          “Drawing the line at learning a new alphabet seems a reasonable choice,” he acknowledged, when Grayson commented on Tatiana - it seemed ‘Tatya’ was for her friends, which made sense, but one could... more
          • To us or to the judge?Grayson Wright, Sun Jun 3 12:11
            Gray preferred not to admit it, but he was secretly glad to hear someone else agree that learning a new alphabet was a reasonable place to draw the line. “I have figured out one thing about it, just... more
            • I plead reasonable stabbiness on the grounds of diminished..Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Tue Jun 5 08:28
              “That’s interesting… Although very confusing,” he commented, as Grayson mentioned the not-quite-crossovers of the two alphabets, If one was going to have a different alphabet, he would have thought... more
              • Diminished time to ourselves away from teenagers?Grayson Wright, Wed Jun 6 15:20
                Gray thought about the issue of the connections between alphabets. “My guess would be that they’re related,” he said. “If - sorry, I’m tripping over myself here - if we look at alphabets as... more
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