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I'm giving it my best.
Mon May 28, 2018 21:21

Younger. That was the word. Tatiana thought she would have recognized it on paper, but reading was so much easier than speaking, and she didn’t often have occasions to compare her age to other people’s in conversation.

She looked at the other grown-up when she was indicated, and was momentarily startled to see that she had the exact same face as the woman speaking to her. And a name which sounded at first like ‘Anna’ and then a bit like ‘white’. White Anna. What did that make the other one, then?

That, however, was not something she could dwell on – she had to first silently acknowledge White Anna’s silent, American-informal greeting and then figure out what White Anna’s sister was saying to her. Anna made things – that was simple enough. She would make what-ever Tatiana wanted – well, that was good.

“I understand,” said Tatiana. She tried to think how to communicate efficiently, pausing and looking over Annette’s shoulder as she sorted through words in her head. “I like this colors,” said Tatiana, pointing to her yellow blouse and blue skirt. “But – not so – black-blue for dress, if all the dress. Not the same blue for all a dress – like this.” She pointed to a lighter blue dress. “Here – “ she held out her arm and pointed to just below her elbow. “Sleeves. Wide. Here – “ she bent to point to her calf – “here the – long. This good?” She looked around for a neckline she liked, hoping she could just find that and point to it rather than trying to explain that.

  • Let's try to reduce themAnn and Ann Pierce, Fri May 25 20:03
    Annette's smile slipped for just a moment, but then she brought it back. She was going to assume most of what she had just said went over the foreign girl's head. Sonora seemed to be expanding its... more
    • I'm giving it my best. — Tatiana, Mon May 28 21:21
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