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Kir McLeod
Nor is aimless meandering
Tue May 29, 2018 08:41

Kir had been meaning to talk outfits with Zev but, as a broadly uninteresting topic, it had largely slipped his mind. He figured his best chance was to head down to the formal wear sale and try to catch her there. Not that he necessarily wanted to go shopping with her as such because… because it would be nice for her dress to be surprise? That was kind of true. But one of the few ways in which he conformed to stereotype on the whole gender thing was that he found the prospect of clothes shopping really, really dull. Unless he and Zev were going to sport the skulls of their enemies. Which he felt would be appropriate, given how they had met, but was probably quite unlikely.

He was wandering through when he was grasped firmly around the shoulders by a vibrantly dressed wizard who pointed him in the general direction of his stall, where Isaac was currently sporting a navy floral suit.

“Hey, tell your friend here that he looks fantastic, and come and get yourself something while you’re at it,” the wizard suggested.

“Hi Isaac,” he said, a little awkwardly, because in spite of the wizard’s suggestion, he and Isaac weren’t what he’d call ‘friends.’ He was more in the group of ‘person whose name I know because this is a really small school and it’s impossible not to.’ Not that he had anything against him, but they’d never exactly talked or got to know each other. Based on his experiences with Jozua, most guys weren’t super down with getting or giving compliments from or to other guys. Apparently it was ‘gay’ and apparently that was terrible, and whilst Kir didn’t want to perpetuate those ridiculous views, he also wasn’t sure how comfortable Isaac was going to feel about a strange wizard forcing one of his yearmates to compliment him, because it was frankly a bit weird even if you didn’t have weird teenage boy hang ups about what was acceptably ‘straight bro code’ behaviour. “Yeah, it’s a nice suit,” he agreed with the wizard trying his best to sound polite and neutral. He wasn’t even sure whether Isaac wanted encouraging or whether he needed rescuing. It was a fun suit, and it did look good on him, but this guy was definitely rather full on.

  • "Just looking" isn't working out too wellIsaac Song, Fri May 25 03:02
    Staying over break during midterm hadn't been as horrible as he'd imagined it would be. Throwing that big Christmas Eve party and having an awesome Christmas dinner made things a lot less depressing... more
    • Nor is aimless meandering — Kir McLeod, Tue May 29 08:41
      • This wizard was pretty aggressive when it came to attracting customers, but it seemed to work. Isaac was still trying to figure out if he really liked the suit and would wear it outside of Sonora... more
        • How about we aim for food?Kir, Thu May 31 08:32
          Isaac seemed lukewarm on the idea of the ball, but relatively keen on the suit itself. Kir was about to encourage him further in his purchase, now that he knew he was interested and not just trapped... more
          • Food is always goodIsaac, Wed Jun 6 13:30
            The suit had ended up being pretty pricey, but money wasn't really a problem for Isaac. However, he could see why the old wizard was a little more desperate to get students into his shop especially... more
            • RefuellingKir, Fri Jun 8 23:35
              And, after fighting through the crowded bazaar, full of strange wares and stranger salespeople, you find yourself at a small but comfortable inn, offering light refreshments, Kir thought as, having... more
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