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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
Which might make our stabbiness seem more reasonable
Wed May 30, 2018 07:47

“Drawing the line at learning a new alphabet seems a reasonable choice,” he acknowledged, when Grayson commented on Tatiana - it seemed ‘Tatya’ was for her friends, which made sense, but one could never be sure, as some students preferred to go by their nickname with everyone; he was fairly sure Henny had been ‘Henny’ with everyone, though he could just about imagine teachers feeling that was too familiar and informal, as it was quite an unusual shortening. He could not imagine anyone calling Charlie ‘Charles’ after spending more than thirty seconds with him. He was not in the least bit Charles-like.

“That sounds interesting,” he nudged gently when Grayson mentioned writing. It was hard to tell whether he didn’t really want to talk about it, or whether he just needed a little encouragement on the subject. Tarquin was the sort to err on the side of not pushing people into potentially uncomfortable territory though, and so he decided to leave it at the fact he considered the subject interesting which meant that perhaps Grayson would, now or at some point in the future, feel free to return to it without feeling too self-conscious. Danny would just have asked. “A very good vintage,” he nodded approvingly, when Grayson mentioned nineteenth century Europeans. “Wilde, the Brontes, Keats…. Though perhaps I’m being a little Anglo-centric in my definition of Europe here. I have to say, I don’t tend to find myself venturing onto the continent much in my reading.”

  • Gray sympathized with the librarian’s position – he truly did – but he had to work to suppress a smile at the indignation roused on the part of the innocent books nevertheless. Could books, then, be... more
    • Which might make our stabbiness seem more reasonable — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed May 30 07:47
      • To us or to the judge?Grayson Wright, Sun Jun 3 12:11
        Gray preferred not to admit it, but he was secretly glad to hear someone else agree that learning a new alphabet was a reasonable place to draw the line. “I have figured out one thing about it, just... more
        • I plead reasonable stabbiness on the grounds of diminished..Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Tue Jun 5 08:28
          “That’s interesting… Although very confusing,” he commented, as Grayson mentioned the not-quite-crossovers of the two alphabets, If one was going to have a different alphabet, he would have thought... more
          • Diminished time to ourselves away from teenagers?Grayson Wright, Wed Jun 6 15:20
            Gray thought about the issue of the connections between alphabets. “My guess would be that they’re related,” he said. “If - sorry, I’m tripping over myself here - if we look at alphabets as... more
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