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Non-aimless meandering doesn't sound too bad
Wed May 30, 2018 23:13

This wizard was pretty aggressive when it came to attracting customers, but it seemed to work. Isaac was still trying to figure out if he really liked the suit and would wear it outside of Sonora when the wizard left him. Isaac looked over and saw his classmate herded towards the shop a bit forcefully.

"Hey Kir," Isaac replied. It was kind of weird when situations like these happened with classmate/acquaintances. He felt bad that Kir was practically forced to compliment him. While he felt a little awkward receiving it, he nodded. "Thanks, but I don't know if I'm even planning to go. I mean, maybe I'll check it out for a little bit but it's weird to go without a date, I guess."

If his bros had been here, Isaac would've gladly gone with them in a group, but since that wasn't the case, he was less motivated to attend. "Anyway, it is a pretty cool suit. Super different than anything I'd normally get, but I like it. Are you looking to get a new one too?"

"We've got plenty of options here," the shopkeeper stated, gesturing towards his stock. "Pick anything you like. What about this?" He pulled out a sharp purple suit. "It comes in purple or red." The wizard waved his wand to change its color. "This cut is practically made for you."

Maybe Kir needed saving now, cause it was clear the shopkeeper had moved on to him. "I'll buy it," Isaac declared, snatching the wizard's attention again.

The old man beamed. "Incredible choice." He rang him up and persuaded him to add the shoes to it. Isaac really liked shoes, so it was an easy add-on. Afterwards, Isaac tried to gauge whether Kir was actually into getting one of the suits or not before attempting to save both of them from buying anything they didn't want to. "I've got to admit, he was pretty persuasive," Isaac sighed. "Sorry you had to, er, get involved. Where were you headed before he stopped you?"

  • Nor is aimless meanderingKir McLeod, Tue May 29 08:41
    Kir had been meaning to talk outfits with Zev but, as a broadly uninteresting topic, it had largely slipped his mind. He figured his best chance was to head down to the formal wear sale and try to... more
    • Non-aimless meandering doesn't sound too bad — Isaac, Wed May 30 23:13
      • How about we aim for food?Kir, Thu May 31 08:32
        Isaac seemed lukewarm on the idea of the ball, but relatively keen on the suit itself. Kir was about to encourage him further in his purchase, now that he knew he was interested and not just trapped... more
        • Food is always goodIsaac, Wed Jun 6 13:30
          The suit had ended up being pretty pricey, but money wasn't really a problem for Isaac. However, he could see why the old wizard was a little more desperate to get students into his shop especially... more
          • RefuellingKir, Fri Jun 8 23:35
            And, after fighting through the crowded bazaar, full of strange wares and stranger salespeople, you find yourself at a small but comfortable inn, offering light refreshments, Kir thought as, having... more
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