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How about we aim for food?
Thu May 31, 2018 08:32

Isaac seemed lukewarm on the idea of the ball, but relatively keen on the suit itself. Kir was about to encourage him further in his purchase, now that he knew he was interested and not just trapped in florals against his will, but the shopkeeper jumped in quickly, trying to get him to pay attention to the stock.

“I need to check with my date first. Or find something a plainer,” he answered. Isaac’s declaration that he would make a purchase had the wizard’s attention firmly back on him. Between having made a sale and Kir’s lack of obvious interest, the wizard seemed happy to let them move on.

“S’ok, I don’t scare easy,” Kir grinned, when Isaac apologised about the guy dragging him. “And it really is a cool suit. I just wasn’t sure whose side I was ending up on if I said that,” he explained. He thought he might have gone for something similar if left to his own devices, but he decided not to bring that up because it was impossible to do so without reiterating the point that he had a date and, as Isaac had seemed a bit self conscious about not having one (yet) that didn’t seem very nice. He shrugged in response to Isaac’s other question. “I wasn’t really. Just… kinda having a look around.” Ok, so he needed to find Zev at some point, but it wasn’t urgent - the sale was here for most of the day - and it might be fun to hang with Isaac for a bit and get to know him a little better. “Hmm, do you reckon the house tables are somewhere behind this lot, and do you reckon they’re still able to give us snacks?” he queried. The tables were usually obliging at any time of the day, but he wasn’t sure what effect being booted out of their usual positions would have had. On the one hand, breakfast had only been a bit over an hour ago. On the other hand, breakfast had been over an hour ago. And eating was definitely more interesting than shopping.

  • This wizard was pretty aggressive when it came to attracting customers, but it seemed to work. Isaac was still trying to figure out if he really liked the suit and would wear it outside of Sonora... more
    • How about we aim for food? — Kir, Thu May 31 08:32
      • Food is always goodIsaac, Wed Jun 6 13:30
        The suit had ended up being pretty pricey, but money wasn't really a problem for Isaac. However, he could see why the old wizard was a little more desperate to get students into his shop especially... more
        • RefuellingKir, Fri Jun 8 23:35
          And, after fighting through the crowded bazaar, full of strange wares and stranger salespeople, you find yourself at a small but comfortable inn, offering light refreshments, Kir thought as, having... more
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