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Caitlin Pierce
Merry Christmas to you too.
Sat Jun 2, 2018 21:58

Caitlin wasn't sure how to feel about Quarantine. She missed her parents and grandparents of course and she was eager to hear her parents praise her accomplishments. The first year had done quite well on her schoolwork and she supposed she could consider her roommate a friend.

Besides, Caitlin had learned early on that how she actually felt about something wasn't as important as how she was supposed to feel. So she tried to force herself into the appropriate feelings and opinions of things and sometimes ended up feeling nothing about them. And even if she did, she couldn't very well express them anyway.

So, she supposed she disliked the Quarantine but at least, she still had her brother. Winston had always been the person she felt closest to and comfortable with. That was rather comforting.

In all honesty, however, it was slightly relaxing not to have to deal with Thaddeus, the Other Alicia and their brats. Or worrying about impressing Druscilla. Granted, of course, Caitlin was sure she and her brother could outdo babies .All they did was eat, sleep, cry and poop.

She was slightly concerned about the ball though. Not so much for herself, though it might be nice to go with either Sylvia's cousin or Beau Tate-Beau wasn't actually related to her he was only related to her cousin Bridget- or maybe Vlad Brockert,but more for Winston. Victor had beat him to asking Emerald Brockert to the ball.

Not that she necessarily thought Winston had any intention of asking Emerald but well, it would have been nice. Caitlin felt it was important to have the Brockerts on their side. They had tons of influence in pureblood society. Maybe he could ask Ivy?

The first year nodded in response to her brother's question. It was truly nice to be here with her brother. "Yes. At least we weren't alone like some people are. And I love my gift." Caitlin had gotten her brother the latest book in his favorite series. She took some turkey for herself, just for the novelty of having it for Christmas dinner.

  • Merry Christmas, CaitlinWinston Pierce, Mon May 7 13:46
    Winston was not best pleased with the whole Quarantine thing. While it was neat to have Simon and Victor on hand for the holiday, he missed his mother and father, and Mt. Pierce in the winter.... more
    • Merry Christmas to you too. — Caitlin Pierce, Sat Jun 2 21:58
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