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Grayson Wright
To us or to the judge?
Sun Jun 3, 2018 12:11

Gray preferred not to admit it, but he was secretly glad to hear someone else agree that learning a new alphabet was a reasonable place to draw the line. “I have figured out one thing about it, just from Tatiana’s most common mistakes,” he volunteered. “They have some letters that look just like some of our letters, but only about half of them make the same sound. It’s like reading those old documents- you know, before they really bothered making any difference between ‘s’ and ‘f’. Your brain just doesn’t want to read what you know it’s trying to say.”

Gray was never quite at his ease around other educators. It wasn’t as bad as it had been, but as a rule, he still suspected he knew only the words and not the tune and that he might give up the game by mistake at any time. Tarquin, however, seemed if anything even less suited to educating young people, and therefore less likely to judge the expression of any sentiment other than total happiness at the prospect of bending over backwards to be more useful to students - that his former classmate was another one Gray was somewhat more comfortable expressing some vague traces of individuality before was one reason Gray had often sort of hoped they wouldn’t find a proper teacher to replace Daniel. Gray knew it was all irrationality on his part, but….

“I don’t guess I could persuade you to become chief editor of a literary journal?” joked Gray when Tarquin said his scribbles sounded ‘interesting’. “It’s been a habit since before I was one of them - “ he gestured slightly in the direction of the mostly-Aladren table - “but I haven’t had much luck the past few years.” Part of this, he suspected, was his attempt to transition into writing for adults, but it was nicer to just imagine he was an overlooked genius.

The names the librarian mentioned were not very familiar to him, but then, for all his pretentious, his education was fairly modest in general and likely deficient in culture - his reading was all cobbled together as he came across it, had never really been structured beyond the mandatory classes at university, where it had been impressed on him that he was only going to acquire skills that could be quickly turned to practical work after his departure. “I read more biographies from the continent than lit, yeah,” he said. “Especially the later it gets - nineteenth, twentieth century. But I mostly just read what I stumble over anyway,” he admitted. “Especially since I came here - most of the stuff I read on purpose is for lesson-planning, or trying to figure out what in the world is going on in their heads.” This with another slight wave toward the student body.

  • Which might make our stabbiness seem more reasonableTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed May 30 07:47
    “Drawing the line at learning a new alphabet seems a reasonable choice,” he acknowledged, when Grayson commented on Tatiana - it seemed ‘Tatya’ was for her friends, which made sense, but one could... more
    • To us or to the judge? — Grayson Wright, Sun Jun 3 12:11
      • I plead reasonable stabbiness on the grounds of diminished..Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Tue Jun 5 08:28
        “That’s interesting… Although very confusing,” he commented, as Grayson mentioned the not-quite-crossovers of the two alphabets, If one was going to have a different alphabet, he would have thought... more
        • Diminished time to ourselves away from teenagers?Grayson Wright, Wed Jun 6 15:20
          Gray thought about the issue of the connections between alphabets. “My guess would be that they’re related,” he said. “If - sorry, I’m tripping over myself here - if we look at alphabets as... more
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