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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
I plead reasonable stabbiness on the grounds of diminished..
Tue Jun 5, 2018 08:28

“That’s interesting… Although very confusing,” he commented, as Grayson mentioned the not-quite-crossovers of the two alphabets, If one was going to have a different alphabet, he would have thought it would make sense to make it all different. Although.. Were these letters the same because of a shared etymology, or just because there was a limit on the different ways you could combine a finite number of curved and straight penstrokes? But then, there were other alphabetic languages where the whole… style of the alphabet was manifestly different. Arabic - which, to his untrained eye, just looked like a bunch of squiggles. Whereas with Russian… He could at least see where the different letters were. “I wonder whether they share an etymology or it’s just… a coincidence - I mean, I would hazard a guess that Cyrillic and the Roman alphabets are more closely related, compared to others - Arabic for example,” he mused outloud, having sorted through his internal ramblings and made them presentable, “But that could make an argument for either - they look the same because they share a history, or because when you’re writing in that sort of style, there’s a finite number of shapes you can make. I might have to look that up.

“Of a particular one where you’d like someone with influence, or are you suggesting we found our own?” he asked, when Grayson asked if he had any interested in becoming editor of a literary journal. “If it’s any sort of encouragement, I applaud you for getting around to writing yours down. I always think how there should be a piece about this or that - and about how one day I’ll be scholarly enough to sit down and craft all my clearly deep and profound notions into proper papers, and that has yet to materialise.” He and Henny, and a couple of his like minded friends, exchanged long letters which rambled in potentially enough detail about their chosen reading and opinions to at least be a good basis for a couple of articles, but there was a difference between writing it to his daughter and writing it For Publication, and the degree to which he felt it needed to be serious and more than just his (very well informed) opinion to constitute something worthy of the latter. Although his letters did often include going away to do background reading on a particular point - to answer, for example, questions of the type he had just posed regarding alphabets. Had this been a letter, he would have gone away, looked it up and informed the recipient of his findings. And yet he still felt that he couldn’t do it. It might have been something formal and tangible, such as solid sources or the need to have a novel point (which he wasn’t sure that he did) in order to make it a worthwhile contribution to lit crit, or a lack of commitment to shifting from the easy and familiar setting of writing to known persons to unknown, or the fear of that and its potential rejection - or perhaps a bit of all of these - but he had never committed pen to paper in this way. It was disappointing that Gray hadn’t seemed to leap on any of the names mentioned, but perhaps that just meant they had more to introduce each other to.

“Ugh. I wouldn’t. I’m sure it’s all terribly nasty,” he grimaced, when Grayson mentioned attempting to work out what was going on in the students’ heads. Even the nice ones, the sort who liked to read and who would turn into fine upstanding members of society like himself and Grayson, were probably currently considering said reading material alongside a healthy dose of neurosis about whether people liked them and whether they fitted in and what their feelings about certain people meant. At least, that was certainly the case if he used himself as a benchmark. Being a teenager had not been a fun or pleasant experience, and he suspected there was a shoebox of miserable poetry somewhere attesting to that fact.

  • To us or to the judge?Grayson Wright, Sun Jun 3 12:11
    Gray preferred not to admit it, but he was secretly glad to hear someone else agree that learning a new alphabet was a reasonable place to draw the line. “I have figured out one thing about it, just... more
    • I plead reasonable stabbiness on the grounds of diminished.. — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Tue Jun 5 08:28
      • Diminished time to ourselves away from teenagers?Grayson Wright, Wed Jun 6 15:20
        Gray thought about the issue of the connections between alphabets. “My guess would be that they’re related,” he said. “If - sorry, I’m tripping over myself here - if we look at alphabets as... more
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