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Food is always good
Wed Jun 6, 2018 13:30

The suit had ended up being pretty pricey, but money wasn't really a problem for Isaac. However, he could see why the old wizard was a little more desperate to get students into his shop especially before they saw the price tag. Isaac was glad Kir wasn't fazed by the shopkeeper. That guy was seriously trying to get business. At least he'd let them go without forcing Kir to buy something too.

He was glad Kir approved of his suit choice. Most guys would probably think it looked more feminine cause of the floral design, but Isaac didn't really care too much about that. He cared more about who he took to the dance--or didn't take. At the same time, he was too much of a coward to straight up ask a girl he wasn't close to, so going solo was a lot more realistic.

"Yeah, there are a lot of shops here. Nice of the school to do that, I guess." Isaac wasn't sure if he should split now and let Kir find his date, if they were meeting up to shop together, and head back to MARS and try to practice flying, which he still sucked at. Kir, apparently, had food on his mind instead, and Isaac was happy to oblige.

"There have to be house tables behind these. I mean, lunch is just in an hour or so," Isaac replied, more enthusiastic. "Snacks sound really great right now." Eating breakfast always made Isaac hungrier just an hour or two later. Despite his fast metabolism, he always gained a little weight while at Sonora since he didn't play any sports here.

It looked like there were still house tables pushed back with minimal snacks. Isaac frowned. "Do you think we can ask for more substantial food?" He didn't notice it before, but now that food was on his mind, he could probably eat a second breakfast.

  • How about we aim for food?Kir, Thu May 31 08:32
    Isaac seemed lukewarm on the idea of the ball, but relatively keen on the suit itself. Kir was about to encourage him further in his purchase, now that he knew he was interested and not just trapped... more
    • Food is always good — Isaac, Wed Jun 6 13:30
      • RefuellingKir, Fri Jun 8 23:35
        And, after fighting through the crowded bazaar, full of strange wares and stranger salespeople, you find yourself at a small but comfortable inn, offering light refreshments, Kir thought as, having... more
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