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Sylvia Mordue
Have a nice trip
Thu Jun 7, 2018 05:29

Sylvia was a little unsure about the dress sale. It appeared that it was for everybody which meant she was skeptical about whether the wares on offer would be of a sufficient quality to suit her. However, given that the school was run by a Brockert, she wasn’t sure whether snubbing any school event therefore counted as snubbing a Brockert event. That was not something she was going to risk doing, even though it mostly seemed to be Deputy Headmistress Skies who informed them about things and she couldn’t imagine Headmaster Brockert having much to do with organising a dress sale, even if he had been one to be involved generally - which he wasn’t, he mostly just seemed to sit and glare, and give the impression that they should not misbehave, which Sylvia definitely had no intention of doing anyway. But still, there was no point taking that risk, especially as looking at dresses (if there happened to be nice enough ones) was definitely no hardship, and even if there weren’t, she could pity the poor people who had to shop there and enjoy thinking about how superior her own gown would be. She made her way to the sale, trying to be optimistic that the school knew its target audience and that anything even tangentially associated with the Brockert name would have some degree of respectability and class.

That hope was somewhat dampened by the site of Jasmine Delachene wandering around. Not that she had expected the lower classes to stay away but it was just unpleasant to be reminded again of their existence, especially Jasmine’s. Crotalus, for the most part, lived up to Sylvia’s expectations. There were just one of two people who spoilt it. Jasmine was one such person. She wasn’t anyone. Sylvia had never had the misfortune (for both of them) of speaking to Jasmine and finding out that she introduced herself as if she were, which would have really wound Sylvia up. She just objected to Jasmine on principle, and the fact that she was currently swanning around in a very princessy dress and cheap looking tiara did not help matters. Her taste was so tacky and costumey. If Jasmine had had the good grace to look cowed by her obvious inferiority, then she might have just about been bearable. That Cleo girl in third year seemed quite happy to keep her head down and try to pretend that she didn’t exist, which was how it should be. Jasmine, however, had the gall to strut around as if she belonged. Such a girl really needed bringing down a peg or two. And as this thought crossed Sylvia’s mind, Jasmine, who had been walking along quite happily, was about to collide with something, as if an invisible leg had been stuck out to trip her up.

OOC – Jasmine’s general outfit description provided by her author. Adjectives are Sylvia’s own.

  • My mom is going to be so confused Jasmine Delachene, Thu May 31 12:55
    Jasmine had already been given a very lovely princess gown in the huge pile of presents Uncle Daniel had presented to her on Christmas day from her mother. She loved it - it was her favorite shade of ... more
    • Have a nice trip — Sylvia Mordue, Thu Jun 7 05:29
      • Grace under fireJasmine, Tue Jun 12 14:45
        The dress Jasmine was wearing was quite the opposite of the light and airy pink ball gown she had gotten for Christmas with hearts and sparkles on it. This one was black and kind of evil looking,... more
        • Consider me impressedMichael DiCaprio, Thu Jun 21 18:56
          There was absolutely no reason that Mikey should've been shopping at the sale. He hated going to the mall with his parents and liked to stick with the clothes he felt comfortable with until they... more
          • Impressed enough to ask me out?Jasmine, Tue Jun 26 10:57
            She saw nothing that could explain what had caused her to trip, but she did notice Michael DiCaprio rush up to ask if she was alright. He also seemed duly impressed by her ability to, if not stay on... more
            • Well, I am but a mere first year...Mikey, Tue Jul 3 19:03
              Mikey had ridden horses a few times in his life, but he was more of a city boy. Still, he knew there were ranches all around Denver, including magical ones, he just didn't know anyone who lived on... more
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