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Fri Jun 8, 2018 23:35

And, after fighting through the crowded bazaar, full of strange wares and stranger salespeople, you find yourself at a small but comfortable inn, offering light refreshments, Kir thought as, having navigated around the outskirts of the sale, they found themselves at one of the house tables.

“Toast, please,” he said to the nearest plate, and within a minute two slices had appeared. He began putting peanut butter on it from a nearby selection of spreads. “I discovered a while back that you can always get toast,” he informed Isaac, “If that helps at all.” Which it might, either if toast met Isaac’s definition of substantial, or if it gave him the confidence to try for something else. Kir knew that they were limited to ‘snacks’ outside of mealtimes, but that was something that had a pretty broad definition, depending on who you asked. He assumed that toast wasn’t kept out on the table because it would go to waste if it wasn’t eaten.

“So, have you had the bug that’s going round?” he asked Isaac as, besides the ball (which, he felt they had covered, in that it… existed. And required shopping) the illness plaguing Sonora seemed the most obvious topic of conversation. He couldn’t recall seeing any spectacular displays from him during class, but not everyone’s accidental magic was so in your face.

  • Food is always goodIsaac, Wed Jun 6 13:30
    The suit had ended up being pretty pricey, but money wasn't really a problem for Isaac. However, he could see why the old wizard was a little more desperate to get students into his shop especially... more
    • Refuelling — Kir, Fri Jun 8 23:35
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