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Headmaster Brockert
Sat Jun 9, 2018 14:25

It was that time of the year again at Sonora. The time of the year when the fifth years took their CATS exams. It was most likely an incredible source of stress for the lot of them , but at least it would all be over soon...for two years until they had to sit for their RATS.

Most likely adding to a student's stress was the possibility of having Nanette Langdon as an examiner. With her tight bun, sharp features and cold eyes, her face looked as if it had never seen a smile and with a personality to match her looks it wasn't likely that students who had the misfortune to get her as their examiner would be smiling much for awhile either.

On the other hand, David Weatherby was very much a desired examiner as he tended to be the most fair of them all. Not to mention that despite his age, most of the female students found him pleasing to look at with his striking green eyes, lean figure and salt and pepper hair.

While the female students had David Weatherby to look at, the males had Aurora Septentrion. She had beautiful long blonde hair and gave off a warm and friendly vibe. Yet, she took her job quite seriously and was no pushover.

That role was filled by Roland Ashburn. He was a friendly sort, eager to be liked and as such, tended to pass most students. While Mr. Weatherby was surely most people's favorite examiner, to those who were more anxious, less academically inclined or more unscrupulous, he most likely held a certain appeal.

Once the fifth years had assembled for their morning theoretical exams, Ms. Langdon addressed them as anti-cheating quills were handed out along with the testing materials. "There will be no cheating and anyone who is caught doing so will be asked to leave and automatically fail their exams. If you finish early, sit quietly so as not to disturb anyone else."

Practical exams were to be in the afternoon. All students would be called up to perform their tasks and then were free to go.

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