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Grace under fire
Tue Jun 12, 2018 14:45

The dress Jasmine was wearing was quite the opposite of the light and airy pink ball gown she had gotten for Christmas with hearts and sparkles on it. This one was black and kind of evil looking, unlike the rest of her dress collection, which tended toward bright or pastel colors, and were obviously aimed toward people wanting to dress like heroines, or damsels in distress.

This one looked like a fun dress; she loved it. She felt kind of powerful and dangerous just wearing it. So she bought it. She already had a more traditional one for the ball. This one was for her own enjoyment. Maybe she’d be an evil queen next Halloween. That could be fun.

Jasmine, who had been walking along quite happily with these thoughts, collided with something, as if an invisible leg had been stuck out to trip her up.

She toppled, but she was a cowgirl in real life, and knew how to fall safely and even gracefully. She executed a maneuver that looked a bit like the second cousin of a forward roll and was back on her feet a body length away from where she went down. Her first concern was for her dress, but it was well made and seemed to have survived the tumble without much worse than a bit of dirt and some wrinkles. Two waves of her wand fixed that. Then she adjusted her tiara, which had gotten knocked askew, but she’d need a mirror to check her hair. As that wasn’t immediately available, she turned instead to see what tripped her.

She saw nothing suspect in the vicinity of where she had fallen. Confused, she looked around for another explanation, because she was certain she had tripped on something other than her own two feet or her dress. Her deportment and balance were much too good for that, and she had distinctly felt some kind of unexpected object in her way.

  • Have a nice tripSylvia Mordue, Thu Jun 7 05:29
    Sylvia was a little unsure about the dress sale. It appeared that it was for everybody which meant she was skeptical about whether the wares on offer would be of a sufficient quality to suit her.... more
    • Grace under fire — Jasmine, Tue Jun 12 14:45
      • Consider me impressedMichael DiCaprio, Thu Jun 21 18:56
        There was absolutely no reason that Mikey should've been shopping at the sale. He hated going to the mall with his parents and liked to stick with the clothes he felt comfortable with until they... more
        • Impressed enough to ask me out?Jasmine, Tue Jun 26 10:57
          She saw nothing that could explain what had caused her to trip, but she did notice Michael DiCaprio rush up to ask if she was alright. He also seemed duly impressed by her ability to, if not stay on... more
          • Well, I am but a mere first year...Mikey, Tue Jul 3 19:03
            Mikey had ridden horses a few times in his life, but he was more of a city boy. Still, he knew there were ranches all around Denver, including magical ones, he just didn't know anyone who lived on... more
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