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Michael DiCaprio
Consider me impressed
Thu Jun 21, 2018 18:56

There was absolutely no reason that Mikey should've been shopping at the sale. He hated going to the mall with his parents and liked to stick with the clothes he felt comfortable with until they literally couldn't be worn anymore. But he was independent for once, and it seemed like everyone else was going so he decided to check it out. Just cause.

Mikey didn't have dress robes for the ball--because who wore that sort of thing on a regular basis?--but he wanted to go because he'd never been to a ball before. His parents were pretty low-key and not a part of pureblood society, so outdoor family activities were more of his speed. He had all sorts of hiking gear, but no fancy-shmancy stuff.

As he looked through the sale in a plain shirt and jeans, he tried to keep his surprise in. These dress robes were expensive. There was no way his parents would let him buy any of this stuff on a whim. Not that he wanted to, anyway. It just would've been nice to come from money like some of his peers. His pocket suddenly felt heavy, and Mikey stopped to check. Inside was a purple bag filled with solid gold Galleons. Mikey was shocked; how had this appeared in his pocket out of nowhere? He picked one out, but realized it was too soft to be real. It was just chocolate, but maybe that was better than trying to explain how money had appeared out of thin air. He unwrapped it and popped it into his mouth; yup, definitely better than money.

Mikey decided to keep walking through to see if there was anything cheaper, and he noticed Jasmine among the other students wearing a tiara. Tiaras were such girly things to wear, but Mikey was surprised that he actually didn't mind seeing her wear one even if he thought it was silly. He was walking over to say hi when she tripped, and he quickened his pace. He had never watched a princess movie, but he had read fairy tale books where princes came to the rescue for princesses. Unfortunately, he seemed to arrive too late to be of any real help. Not that she needed it; she fell in such a graceful way that Mikey stopped in his steps for a moment to stare in awe.

The next moment, he hurried over. "Are you okay?" he asked when he reached her. It looked like she was trying to figure out what had made her fall, but Mikey himself couldn't see anything. "Where'd you learn to fall and roll like that?"

  • Grace under fireJasmine, Tue Jun 12 14:45
    The dress Jasmine was wearing was quite the opposite of the light and airy pink ball gown she had gotten for Christmas with hearts and sparkles on it. This one was black and kind of evil looking,... more
    • Consider me impressed — Michael DiCaprio, Thu Jun 21 18:56
      • Impressed enough to ask me out?Jasmine, Tue Jun 26 10:57
        She saw nothing that could explain what had caused her to trip, but she did notice Michael DiCaprio rush up to ask if she was alright. He also seemed duly impressed by her ability to, if not stay on... more
        • Well, I am but a mere first year...Mikey, Tue Jul 3 19:03
          Mikey had ridden horses a few times in his life, but he was more of a city boy. Still, he knew there were ranches all around Denver, including magical ones, he just didn't know anyone who lived on... more
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