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Impressed enough to ask me out?
Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:57

She saw nothing that could explain what had caused her to trip, but she did notice Michael DiCaprio rush up to ask if she was alright. He also seemed duly impressed by her ability to, if not stay on her feet, then at least get back up onto them with a minimum of fuss.

“I’m fine,” she assured him, smiling to prove the statement’s honesty. In fact, she was quite unharmed, and if anything, the spill she had taken was almost a hidden blessing as she found his chivalrous concern quite pleasing, and his question about how she’d learned to fall like that was almost flattering.

“I grew up on a flying horse ranch,” she explained her skill. “If you don’t learn how to fall properly, you can get really hurt if you get unsaddled. That was an easy fall,” she smiled with light humor, “I wasn’t falling from twenty feet up and no two ton equine was trying to land or step on me.” Granted, most falls happened on landing or take off, so being twenty feet up wasn’t usually a major concern. Even if it was, casting a cushioning charm would be a safer idea than just rolling with it, but a little embellishment never hurt anyone. Getting out of the way of two tons of horseflesh was still a very adequate incentive to learn to get back on your feet quickly. None of her precious horses would squish her on purpose, she was sure, but they usually had a lot of momentum behind them, and stopping short or dodging aside was a lot easier for a little girl than for a giant Abraxon.

“Have you ever ridden any kind of horse?” she asked curiously. “We keep a couple regular muggle ones, too,” she added, because she didn’t think ‘DiCaprio’ was a surname she recognized as being Society. She knew there was a muggle actor with the surname, sure, but she wasn’t going to assume a relation there. But maybe she’d ask her grandma if Leonardo had any related Michaels close to her age when she visited Hollywood this summer. They had been in a movie together, she was pretty sure, so she might know.

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    • Impressed enough to ask me out? — Jasmine, Tue Jun 26 10:57
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