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Headmaster Brockert
Fifth and Sixth years
Wed Jun 27, 2018 01:52

Most of the time things were pretty routine at Sonora. Occasionally, there was some annoying bit of trouble, this year being an illness going around. Fortunately, Mortimer's tendency to be generally unsociable had prevented him from exposure. And as a added bonus, the Quarantine had meant no grating social events to attend. So basically this had been the best holiday season that Mortimer could recall in ages.

Another switch was that Mortimer was actually hoping that a Pecari would for Head Boy and one he wasn't even related to at that. Normally, he felt they were irresponsible types who weren't good for anything but the merest frivolities of life regarding sports and parties. Things he quite frankly had no use for himself. And he generally regarded them as having no business being in such an important position-including his own son Eustace- even if it was generally based on a popularity contest. Well, there was a reason there'd been less than ten of them who'd granted the title within the last twenty or so years.

This year, well, Ben Pierce was the best of a bad lot. From what Mortimer had gathered in the meeting regarding the matter, there was absolutely no good reason for Kyte-and he'd thought some of his grandchildren had ridiculous names and they, at least, were spelled properly-Collindale to be even considered and he'd sooner hand over the position to the blind girl's service dog before than Mr. Collindale. At least the dog was good for something.

Which left the matter between Mr. Pierce and Mr. Umland, and certainly, while the latter was more qualified for the position than Mr. Collindale, Mortimer couldn't say that he wanted him to get it any more than he'd wanted to give it to the elder Mr. Umland after the incident.

As to the girls, he had no real preference. Only not the one in Pecari.

Once the fifth and sixth years were assembled, Mortimer rose and began to speak. "I trust that you all know why you are here today, to pick who will be the next Head Boy and Head Girl of Sonora next year. " With that the ballots were dispensed.

OOC- Head student ballot can be found here- Voting is in character and if you have more than one character, you vote per character. Votes can remain as anonymous as you would like them to be and you do not have to reply to this message even though you may if you'd like to. You have until the day before the new term starts to get your votes in.

    • Vote Kyte! (Tag Ben)Kyte Collindale, Thu Jul 5 08:05
      Last year, when the entire fifth and sixth year had been held back after breakfast, Kyte had assumed that they had done something really, really bad. This year though, he knew the drill. Or rather,... more
      • Vote Ben and Tess!Ben, Wed Jul 11 15:50
        Ben had mostly forgotten about last year’s voting until the fifth and sixth years were again instructed to remain in the Hall after breakfast. He looked over the ballot when he received one, finding... more
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