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Everyone needs friends from time to time
Sat Jun 30, 2018 13:38

Parker was still looking at himself in the mirror when the salesman said, "Looks like your friendís having a bad day."

Parker turned around looking for Cleo. He was a bit surprised that she might be out in the Hall today, and if she was having a bad day, he might need to help get her out of there. His pulse quickened in anticipation.

His eyes fell on Dorian just as the salesman said, you can go join him .

Parker nodded as he was walked back towards the curtain area in a bit of a shock. He had felt his adrenaline kick in and now it was draining out of him just as quickly. He saw Dorian mouth Sorry and Parker just shook his head no and mouthed Don't be . He got dressed again in his regular jeans and as he walked out he caught sight of himself in the mirror again. His hair slightly messy from putting clothes back on, and again in his jeans, but he still felt odd. Like he had seen something else the first time and it wasn't rubbing off now that the clothes had changed back.

He walked up to the salesman who quoted him a price. Parker raised his eyebrows in surprised. Not because it was so high, but because it was less than he'd expected. Especially with how he felt he looked in the clothes.

"Thank you Sir," Parker said as he gave the man some of the money he had.

"My pleasure. And remember what I said. No need to be sorry, ever, you hear? Now go take care of your friend." He said with a nod towards the other end of the stall where Parker could see Dorian looking through some shirts.

Parker smiled to himself. He didn't know that Dorian had thought of him as a friend. Parker didn't quite think of him as a friend as they'd only really talked in detail that one time, he was more than willing to lean into the relationship if Dorian was interested. After all, if this year had taught Parker anything, it was that he needed to expand his friendship circle since Cleo might not always be available to hang out.

So Parker walked over to Dorian with a slight smile on his face and a bag of fancy clothes in his hand that was cheaper than he had thought.

"Hiya friend," he said walking up while far enough away so he wouldn't scare Dorian by coming up behind him too quick. "I'm all done here if you wanna go get a snack." Parker tilted his head towards the kitchen area. This year he'd learned a lot of new things about the school, but possibly the most important was that there were always snacks available. It had turned out to be a good thing since he'd found he'd simply gotten hungrier and hungrier as the year had gone on.

"Or if you don't want a snack and just want to get out of here, we can walk through the kitchen on the way out."

  • Ah. Hello there, my... friend. Dorian Montoir, Fri Jun 22 21:33
    It wasnít a big deal. He didnít mean anything by it, Dorian tried telling himself as he walked away from the vendor. But peopleís comments could still be irritating or unthinking whether they had... more
    • Everyone needs friends from time to time — Parker, Sat Jun 30 13:38
      • And to tell little white liesDorian, Sun Jul 1 20:16
        Parker didnít seem like he was mad at Dorian, which was good. His first feeling on realising it was Parker at the stall had been a sort of stomach clenching anxiety. In the one real conversation they ... more
        • No lies here.Parker, Mon Jul 23 09:29
          Parker hadn't thought there might be snacks here in the Hall. It made sense though so Parker nodded to Dorian and began to walk with him. Parker quickly realized after listening for a bit that Dorian ... more
          • Parker really seemed ok with it. Which was a relief. Parker seemed, generally, to be quite nice. Perhaps this was not the most dramatic revelation. Most people seemed to feel that Ďniceí was a banal... more
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