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Well, I am but a mere first year...
Tue Jul 3, 2018 19:03

Mikey had ridden horses a few times in his life, but he was more of a city boy. Still, he knew there were ranches all around Denver, including magical ones, he just didn't know anyone who lived on one. "That makes sense," he said, thinking how scary it would be to fall off of a horse. Even falling off of a miniature-sized one would hurt.

"Yeah, I visited a horse ranch a couple years ago with my family and we got to ride horses there. They were winged horses, mostly gray-ish ones. I've ridden muggle ones too before then, but it's a little bit harder knowing where to sit when they don't have wings. We went to the ranch cause my uncle was visiting and needed to learn how to ride a horse for some play he was in. He's an actor in Los Angeles, mostly in magical plays, but I'm not allowed to watch them yet."

Apparently they were adult plays that Mikey and his brother would be bored by. It was cool to receive playbills and posters with Uncle Oliver's face on them, though.

Even though Mikey's dad was a pureblood, they never really talked about family heritage or anything like that. His paternal grandpa had died a long time ago, way before Mikey was born, and his grandma had struggled with poverty most of her life until recently. Mikey had met quite a few affluent classmates here, but he knew pureblood didn't automatically mean rich and famous. But with a pureblood family on one side and a muggle-born with her muggle family on the other, Mikey thought he got the best of both worlds.

"What's it like growing up on a horse ranch?" he asked curiously. He'd always wanted to grow up with a pet, but it was too much work for his busy parents. "Do you have your own pet horse?"

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    She saw nothing that could explain what had caused her to trip, but she did notice Michael DiCaprio rush up to ask if she was alright. He also seemed duly impressed by her ability to, if not stay on... more
    • Well, I am but a mere first year... — Mikey, Tue Jul 3 19:03
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