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Kyte Collindale
Vote Kyte! (Tag Ben)
Thu Jul 5, 2018 08:05

Last year, when the entire fifth and sixth year had been held back after breakfast, Kyte had assumed that they had done something really, really bad. This year though, he knew the drill. Or rather, he thought he did. He still got a bit of a surprise when the voting slips landed in front of him.

“Hey, my name’s missing,” he protested to Ben, “Raine’s too.” The previous year, it had seemed like basically everyone was on the paper (he couldn’t remember exactly because, like with most situations, he hadn’t exactly paid full attention, but he thought so). If he had stopped to think about it, he would have said it was unlikely the staff would put him forward for any kind of honour - he supposed it was something like prefect, and it had been thoroughly unsurprising (and he had been perfectly happy) when the staff had bestowed that dubious honour on Tess instead of him. But he had not stopped or thought about it. Last year, a piece of paper with all the sixth years’ names had appeared. He hadn’t thought about it again, or about whether any more thought and process went into it, until they’d been held back again this morning, and then he’d more or less expected the same thing to happen as last time. It didn’t really matter, in that even he wouldn’t vote himself - he wasn’t sure what the point of being Head Boy was, as it seemed to involve a lot of extra work without much in the way of thanks or benefits. It definitely wasn’t anything like running the school, which would be cool if he could do it…

“Citizens of Sonora,” he declared to the rest of the table, “Vote for me, and I shall overthrow the cruel overlords and abolish homework!” He added in a just-to-Ben level voice (which, as it was Kyte was still easily heard by most people), “I can’t imagine why the staff don’t think I’m responsible.”

Ok, he had herbs in his room that were not part of his Potions kit. And ok, he smoked out of the dormitory windows. And ok, he mentally undressed his classmates instead of listening… But it wasn’t like the staff (as far as he knew and hoped) actually knew about any of those things (although the glazed look and the fact he was a teenager probably clued them in on the last one).

“Do you and Tess actually want the jobs?” he asked, regarding his slip of paper again. “I mean… I don’t really get what Head Boy is, but it just seems like extra work, and I wouldn’t do that to you - unless it’s my homework of course,” he joked. Half joked. He did his homework himself. Sort of. Just with a lot of help. Sometimes extending to ‘Just write this….’ “If you want it, you’ve got my vote, but I’ll happily stick Joe with it instead, if you prefer.

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