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Parker Fitzgerald
No princes here, and I don't think any pumpkins
Mon Jul 9, 2018 12:27

The tie had been a hassle. The spell hadn’t worked the first four times he tried it and one of the times he felt he might strangle himself in the process. He had grown frustrated and threw it across the room sitting down on the bed in a huff. Once he’d taken a few breaths to calm down, he looked around and was thankful that he didn’t have a roommate at the moment. His mess, which had been kept in check at home, had exploded this year in his room, and it took him awhile to find the tie again as he hadn’t seen where it had fallen. This just added to his growing nervousness about the dance. Lots of thoughts went through his mind: Would he look like a fool? Would people talk to him dressed like this? Would anyone dance with him? Would Cleo be there?

The last question was still up in the air. He would understand if she didn’t go, and part of him wished she wouldn’t. He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and he felt that she wouldn’t want to dance with anyone. The other part though wished that she would come. He remembered the fire from the year before, and he remembered how great it had been to talk to her before leaving for the summer. Now though… a dance. With Cleo’s hesitation towards physical contact and hugs, he felt she wouldn’t want to dance, and didn’t know how awkward it might get if he danced with someone else, or how he’d feel if she ended up dancing with someone else and not him.

It didn’t help that Parker wasn’t sure if he wanted to dance or if there were specific dances that he was supposed to do. He’d not gone to the dance lessons that had been held, mainly because they were indoors, but also because he felt super self-conscious about how his body looked while dancing. He always felt that his sister was a good dancer, but JJ had always made fun of Parker when he’d tried to dance with his sister. Now all he could think of was his brother laughing or making snide comments when he thought of dancing.

But the tie had eventually worked, and Parker had styled his hair for the second time in his entire life. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he was again struck by how mature he looked and his apprehension was pushed away a little. The green tie shimmered with hints of blue and purple that tucked into a grey vest. Parker imagined that the tie looked like a dragon’s tail hanging from his neck. Though his white shirt was simple, it seemed to work with a blue jacket and pants that seemed to match his eyes exactly. Parker wasn’t sure what the spell was, but matching his eyes was a really good touch. The suit looked like something he could wear at home and not get in trouble for having something magic around non-magic users. Seeing himself in the mirror made Parker smile. He thought about the photos of his mom and dad from dances and their wedding. Suddenly Parker realized something was missing. Nothing was in his lapel. Looking around Parker saw the bit of the juniper he’d brought with him the first year and put it in the lapel.
Perfect. thought Parker.

With that Parker walked out of his room and towards the Hall. He was about halfway there when he remembered that his mom wanted a photo of some kind and he had money to get some. He ran back to his room, grabbed the wallet off the dresser and ran back towards the hall. He got to the entrance hall a bit out of breath, and was pretty sure he was sweating, but hoping he hadn’t made himself look like a mess.

He was standing around looking for any of the people that he knew when Cleo walked up to him. He smiled. Cleo looked like Cleo, nice, but not done up like some doll. And judging by her comment he wasn’t too sweaty or messed up from the run he’d just done.

“Thank you,” Parker responded. “I like the flowers in your hair. What type are those?”

He began to reach out to touch them, but then stopped himself and merely pointed to the flowers. He recognized them from the garden but couldn’t think of the name. Her style did make her think of a song his mom used to sing while gardening though. A song about gentle people and San Francisco, which Parker mentally noted definitely matched Cleo. He wondered if that song would be played.

Parker reached nervously into his jacket pocket to feel for the money, momentarily worrying if he’d dropped it on his run. It was still there. “Also, my mom wants pictures of me with friends. Do umm, do wizard balls do pictures?” He’d never thought to ask, and honestly didn’t know what the answer would be.

  • Cleo really wasn’t convinced that she wanted to go to the ball, but she was going anyway, for two reasons. The first was simply that she wasn’t sure she had any choice. She hadn’t ventured to ask,... more
    • No princes here, and I don't think any pumpkins — Parker Fitzgerald, Mon Jul 9 12:27
      • So far, so goodCleo, Tue Jul 10 07:25
        For a second, Parker looked like he was going to reach out and play with her hair, but he stopped. Had she imagined that was his intention, was she being paranoid, or had he nearly but then stopped... more
        • Worts, Walls, all kinds of flowers hereParker, Fri Jul 20 13:57
          Cleo didn't know all the flowers. For a second Parker was stunned. It was as if someone had told him the sky wasn't blue, but actually undulating purple. He was skeptical at first. He quickly... more
          • “They’re a band?” Cleo asked. Although she spent a lot of her life listening to the wireless, her daddy had always preferred talky shows, nice radio dramas, or shows that played that music that he... more
            • Me & Cinderella, we put it all togetherParker, Sun Jul 22 18:48
              Parker nodded to Cleo's question. He realized that possibly the Wallflowers weren't popular in the wizarding world. "They, umm, are a band my parents listened to. The one my dad used to play a lot is ... more
              • We could steal time just for one dayCleo, Sat Jul 28 05:57
                “Oh, I might know it. That sounds familiar anyway,” Cleo mused. And if it was something Parker’s parents listened to, then that made sense with the rough age of her musical experience. The version... more
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