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So far, so good
Tue Jul 10, 2018 07:25

For a second, Parker looked like he was going to reach out and play with her hair, but he stopped. Had she imagined that was his intention, was she being paranoid, or had he nearly but then stopped himself? Either way, didn’t that prove he was alright - that she could trust him? She glanced at the floor, trying to not overanalyse but everything just felt so complicated all the time...

“I’m not sure on all of them - I mostly chose for the colours,” Cleo replied, regarding the flowers. She found that his compliment wasn’t as scary as she’d expected, mostly because it felt like he was complimenting the flowers rather than her, and because that was such a normal topic of conversation for them, “I’m pretty sure there’s some ragwort in there, and I found the orange one working its way around the edges of the wishing well. In one of my books, I found something that’s actually called a wallflower,” she added, smiling a little self-deprecatingly at how obviously appropriate that was, “I always figured that was just a… generic term. I’m not sure if it’s that or not. And I’m pretty sure I’ve got some St. John’s Wort too,” she chatted, relaxing into herself as she talked about the flowers. Her knowledge of the Irish flora that covered the gardens was a lot less detailed than her Herbology knowledge, and it was tricky sometimes to tell exactly what species or subspecies she had found - even to her loving and interested eyes, a lot of them looked awfully similar. But the ones that they had rooted out on Potions scavenger hunts were easy to identify. The Purebloods would probably think she was strange for putting Potions ingredients, things that were possibly classed as weeds, into her hair. But they would think she was strange for not wearing a fancy dress. They would think she was strange or unworthy for being of unknown parentage. She didn’t care what they thought.

“I’m not sure. I’ve never been to any either,” she answered, when he asked about photographs. She noticed that he had said friends... Did that mean that she was going to have socialise with the other people he knew, or was he going to go off with them for parts of the evening? She supposed she would worry about that when it happened. As they made their way into the hall, she noticed an archway with a backdrop at the other end of the room with a sign reading ‘Photographs’ but no one in attendance. “Maybe we have to wait until after the speeches and stuff,” she shrugged to Parker, but it at least looked like he’d get his wish.

OOC - if you want to, you can assume in your post that the speech and the prefect dance happen, and then pick up after it

  • No princes here, and I don't think any pumpkinsParker Fitzgerald, Mon Jul 9 12:27
    The tie had been a hassle. The spell hadn’t worked the first four times he tried it and one of the times he felt he might strangle himself in the process. He had grown frustrated and threw it across... more
    • So far, so good — Cleo, Tue Jul 10 07:25
      • Worts, Walls, all kinds of flowers hereParker, Fri Jul 20 13:57
        Cleo didn't know all the flowers. For a second Parker was stunned. It was as if someone had told him the sky wasn't blue, but actually undulating purple. He was skeptical at first. He quickly... more
        • “They’re a band?” Cleo asked. Although she spent a lot of her life listening to the wireless, her daddy had always preferred talky shows, nice radio dramas, or shows that played that music that he... more
          • Me & Cinderella, we put it all togetherParker, Sun Jul 22 18:48
            Parker nodded to Cleo's question. He realized that possibly the Wallflowers weren't popular in the wizarding world. "They, umm, are a band my parents listened to. The one my dad used to play a lot is ... more
            • We could steal time just for one dayCleo, Sat Jul 28 05:57
              “Oh, I might know it. That sounds familiar anyway,” Cleo mused. And if it was something Parker’s parents listened to, then that made sense with the rough age of her musical experience. The version... more
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