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Lily Spencer
Making an entrance.
Tue Jul 10, 2018 14:24

The package had arrived for Lily three days before the ball, a week after she’d already ordered her robes. She’d perused through wizard’s catalogues secretly before bed for several days, wanting to match with Jozua – without telling him, of course – and had done her best to choose the most smashing dress robes a wizard would wear.

The box she’d received from home was wrapped and tied with ribbon – indicating her older sister’s handiwork – but Charlotte never usually sent her anything this large. Inside was a gorgeous royal blue abomination, but Lily put it to the side to read the sweet-smelling note.

Dearest Lily,

After you told us you were going to the ball with Jozua, I found the perfect dress and shoes for you to wear. It’s in your favourite colours, it’s not very revealing and looks elegant. I even had it tailored for you so it would fit. Of course, it would have been better if I had your exact dress size, but by now you’ve learnt how to make alterations on your own. I know you would never wear heels, so I included some gorgeous flats that would match.

Now, before you reject it and send it back, think about how you’d like to look for your very last ball at Sonora. Ball years are special. Dressing up for this one occasion wouldn’t be the most terrible thing in the world, would it? I’d love to see you wear it, Lils, and I’m certain your date would too. Besides, no one at Sonora has ever seen you in a dress – it would make quite the statement showing up and shocking everyone. I love you, Lily, and please would you take photos when you wear it!

Love always,

P.S. Earrings are included, courtesy of Adam.

Charlotte knew how to drive a hard bargain, and, after putting it on, Lily didn’t think she looked terrible. She thought she looked rather pretty – it was the first time she’d ever said that about herself. She styled her pixie cut to look more feminine as she’d seen in catalogues and clipped on the earrings – since her ears weren’t pierced – and silently thanked her siblings.

Normally, Lily wouldn't have been convinced by such flowery words and lovely wrapping, but the mysterious leaflet she’d received earlier that year had ultimately convinced her to wear the dress. Clothing didn’t make her a witch or a wizard, so it didn’t matter if she wore a dress or trousers. She would still be Lily Spencer. Even though wearing this made her feel self-conscious, she also adored how she looked in it. It was just so different. And, it had pockets to hide her hands in when she wanted. Brilliant.

Lily twirled around, first watching the royal blue cloth widen out with her spins, then caught glimpses of herself in the mirror. She couldn’t stop staring at her reflection, but after twenty minutes she finally tore herself away, not wanting to be late. She didn’t remember that her date with Jozua was a date until she walked to Cascade Hall where they’d planned to meet.

Seeing him made her feel embarrassed, so she looked down at her dress. “Well, what do you think?” she asked in one breath. She felt nervous for some reason and it made her want to run upstairs and change. “I know it wasn’t what either of us expected, but Charlotte sent it and I thought I might as well wear it tonight, with the Prefect dance and all. I might never be able to wear it again, you know, though that’s only partially true since my cousins have a fancy Christmas Eve ball every year and I’m certain society has got loads of fancy dress balls for adult pure-bloods.” Lily shut her mouth and cleared her throat, waiting for a response.

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    • Making an entrance. — Lily Spencer, Tue Jul 10 14:24
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