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Joe Umland
Hoping this goes reasonably well (tag Georgia).
Tue Jul 10, 2018 19:47

Julian, Joe thought, had been all but born to be a mother. Taking care of things and making people feel vaguely ashamed of themselves until the point where she became annoying were both seemingly ingrained in her very DNA. When push came to shove, though, no matter how annoyed one was with her or what degree she knew about said annoyance, she was there – glasses of cool water after her brothers got overheated outside in summer, whether this was through play or from garden work, cookies for occasions happy and sad, tea at every turn, and, just when Joe had started to mentally moan and groan over his mother’s belief in not spending money on new clothes in a year when he had to be in a fairly visible part of a public event where clothes were looked at a lot, Julian had sent two items.

The first had been (in between photographs of her and their parents and their brothers all posing with a bundle with a prominent forehead, tiny hands, and a lot of ruffles and even more rambling about how William was angry with John because John had given the baby a stupid nickname and with everyone for taking that stupid nickname and creating another nickname out of it and bickering a bit with Julian herself over whether or not to actually put the copies of Mom and John’s favorite paintings which Mom and John had given her in the nursery) a letter informing him that she was an actual mother now and intended to make him a godfather when he got home. The second had been a parcel containing the second page of the letter on top of a set of navy blue dress robes. It had begun in very specific directions for how to modify them to fit him better, and continued with,

Don’t open them up too fast – I wrapped up some packets of tea and filter bags to brew them in, and they’re inside the robes. Keep your feet on the floor and don’t do that stupid thing with your hair.

See you soon,

Joe was not exactly sure what the stupid thing he sometimes did with his hair was, but he hoped he had not done it, because he thought he looked pretty good as he checked to make sure there were no hems turned the wrong way or scuffs on his shoes or anything else out of place before he made his way down to the common room. Once there, he stood slightly awkwardly holding a small corsage, hoping this didn’t become hideously awkward once Georgia arrived.

"Good evening," he said when she did. "You look great. These are for you," he added, offering the flower thing.

OOC: Beginning this pretending it's in Tepp for simplicity; feel free to jump to the Hall proper.

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