Zevalyn Ives, Aladren
The Waterfalls and the Written Exam
Wed Jul 11, 2018 14:43

The waterfalls of the Cascade Hall were always silent. They had to be. That much water crashing down in an enclosed space would make mealtime conversation of any kind impossible. Also, they were easier to ignore and pretend they were nothing more than a cool visual effect instead of a horrifying example of wizardkind’s wasteful apathy toward the desert environment that surrounded the school where water was such a scarcity.

Today, however, the silence was bothering her as it never had before. Probably because everything else was silent, too, except for the sounds of quills scratching again the test parchment. The Hall felt eerie being so quiet.

Also, she couldn’t remember the incantation for turning a parsnip into a hat, and glaring at the waterfalls was as good a way to express her frustration with her memory lapse as anything else. After a few more moments of scowling and wracking her brain, she shook her head. Move on, come back to it later, she told herself, remembering the test taking tips that recommended not spending too much time on any one question.

The next several answers came to her easily, and the sixth she knew she’d never known so she tossed down a random answer hoping for a lucky guess or partial credit and carried on. As she was writing a short essay about animate to inanimate tranfigurations and how they differed from inanimate to animate, she abruptly remembered how to transfigure a parsnip into a hat and hurried to find that blank question before she forgot again.

Eventually she finished, including the other questions she’d skipped in the interest of time management, and she closed her test pamphlet with four minutes to spare. She thought she did well. Not 100% - tests like this did not expect people to get 100% even if you did all the supplemental reading - but definitely at least an E if not a solid O. Honestly, she’d expected it to be worse after all the hype the teachers gave it.

She had always been a good test taker though, so she supposed there were still the practicals for that.

  • CATSHeadmaster Brockert, Sat Jun 9 14:25
    It was that time of the year again at Sonora. The time of the year when the fifth years took their CATS exams. It was most likely an incredible source of stress for the lot of them , but at least it... more
    • The Waterfalls and the Written Exam — Zevalyn Ives, Aladren, Wed Jul 11 14:43
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