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Vote Ben and Tess!
Wed Jul 11, 2018 15:50

Ben had mostly forgotten about last year’s voting until the fifth and sixth years were again instructed to remain in the Hall after breakfast. He looked over the ballot when he received one, finding the two names of most interest to him without difficulty, so he had to read it again when Kyte protested that he and Raine hadn’t made it on. Sure enough, neither Collindale was listed.

Before he could say anything though, Kyte made his campaign speech, which made him laugh, and ended it with a question about whether he and Tess wanted Kyte’s votes.

For a moment he was surprised because it was Head Boy and didn’t everyone want to be Head Boy? His Uncle Four and Aunt Reggie had been Head Students together. Mom and Dad hadn’t gotten it, he was pretty sure, but they went to Salem, and Ben wasn’t entirely clear on if Salem even had Head Students.

But he supposed Kyte did make a valid point about the extra work. Still, it was Head Boy, and everyone said it looked good on college applications, not that Ben was entirely sure he intended to go to college. But if he did, it would look good. And if Tess got it, he definitely wanted to be there with her.

“Sure,” he said. “Vote us in. Uncle Four said it was a good experience.”

He did so on his own ballot, too.

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    Last year, when the entire fifth and sixth year had been held back after breakfast, Kyte had assumed that they had done something really, really bad. This year though, he knew the drill. Or rather,... more
    • Vote Ben and Tess! — Ben, Wed Jul 11 15:50
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