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Now to keep the momentum going.
Thu Jul 12, 2018 20:41

Jozua looked smashing and Lily’s stomach fluttered. It wasn’t the same overwhelming butterfly sort she’d felt with Geoff or Alex, so she didn’t think much of it. Primarily, she was concerned with the way he was looking at her, and if he approved. Shock was a good sign; it meant he noticed there was something drastically different with her appearance. Whether that was a good sense of shock or a bad one had yet to be determined.

She found out soon enough. No one had ever called Lily beautiful before. She felt her face flush almost immediately even though Jozua sounded surprised to find her so. She would have been surprised too, had she been in his shoes. His repetition reinforced her colour. “Well, um, thank you,” she said, feeling stupid for blushing so hard. Her instinct told her to punch him in the arm and play off her embarrassment, but Lily could mind her manners tonight. “You look really fit tonight. I like your robes.” He held out his hand, and Lily naturally moved to put her hand into his and grasp it, her thoughts catching up with her a second later. Was he trying to shake her hand? Or did he mean a high-five? Oh well, it was too late now.

The blush would not abate, and she glanced away to take a deep breath whilst screaming expletives in her mind as Jozua complimented Charlotte’s taste.

His next comment was more welcome, and Lily nodded, still looking away as her face gradually cooled. “I had wizard robes prepared, but my sister can be very convincing when she wants to be,” she replied. “But I suppose it’s fitting for this pretend. Lily Spencer and Jozua Sparks posing as a couple at a charity gala to search for the missing crown jewels. Or shall we change our names? I’ll be Sam Davies, detective extraordinaire.” She gave a moment for Jozua to decide if he wanted to change his identity before saying, “Shall we begin our search?” She smiled at him. It was easy, this – coming up with games and make-believe was what their friendship was founded upon.

Lily walked in with Jozua and stood with him at the side, still holding his hand, waiting for the Headmaster to make his opening statements. She felt eyes on her, whether or not they were actually there, but she refused to be intimidated. She liked this dress and she was going to wear it. If someone told her she couldn’t climb trees or ride a broom as a result, she would right punch him or her in the nose. But being here, holding her best friend’s hand, felt oddly comfortable underneath the strange, unfamiliar territory. Jozua wasn’t someone she was afraid of scaring away with her chattiness and boyish behaviors. He was reliable and a fellow knight and peculiarly attractive in this light.

It was time for Prefects to open the ball with a dance, so Lily went to the open floor with Jozua. With him, it was usually all fun and games – and perhaps some late-night tutoring – but tonight was supposed to be different. Suddenly, she was regretting what she’d said earlier. She didn’t want this entire night to be a game – though on any other occasion it sounded like loads of fun searching for something bejeweled enough to pass for the crown jewels. She would save that idea for a later time.

“We don’t… have to pretend all night, do we?” asked Lily as they danced. She could feel her uncharacteristic blush coming on again, so again she avoided eye-contact. She didn’t remember blushing nearly so much around Geoff or Alex. “I just mean it would be nice to dance as just Lily and Jozua, perfectly normal, magical teenagers with nothing particularly interesting going on.” Except that they were two best friends going on a date, but she left that bit out to give her face some time to return to its pale hue.

  • You did that very wellJozua Sparks, Wed Jul 11 12:58
    Jozua stood in front of his mirror, studying his reflection doubtfully. The dress robes were nice enough. Surely not up to Grandmother Maartin’s standards, of course, but definitely more... more
    • Now to keep the momentum going. — Lily, Thu Jul 12 20:41
      • Like a rolling stoneJozua, Fri Jul 13 20:59
        She was blushing. It was kind of cute. Better not to mention it though. Jozua knew from personal experience that only made it worse. Oh, and now she was holding his hand. That was . . . nice. He felt ... more
        • "Sam'll be my pretend name, Octavia Lee will my alias." Lily appreciated Jozua for remembering those details - they were ever so consequential in pretend realistic spy situations. Spencer was her... more
          • There are some doozies in our past, tooJozua, Fri Jul 27 19:52
            "Got it," Jozua nodded, committing the name and alias to his short-term memory. He doubted this character play would come up again much in the future, except maybe as an inside joke, but he did want... more
            • We certainly can't forget those.Lily, Wed Aug 8 22:34
              Jozua was a surprisingly good dancer. She wasn't sure what she had expected, seeing as they'd hardly danced together before, but she was admittedly surprised. It was actually enjoyable - not tense... more
              • I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.Jozua, Tue Aug 14 14:15
                Jozua grinned as Lily assured him that climbing trees was not out of the question tonight. And they called Aladrens problem solvers. “Right, good plan,” he approved. “Probably try transfiguration... more
                • Throwing another one at you now.Lily, Wed Aug 15 01:14
                  "Oh, Charlotte would murder me if this dress was torn," said Lily, unable to hide her smirk. "I can just imagine her expression. You can't deny it would be a fun game though, levitating each other,"... more
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