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Like a rolling stone
Fri Jul 13, 2018 20:59

She was blushing. It was kind of cute. Better not to mention it though. Jozua knew from personal experience that only made it worse.

Oh, and now she was holding his hand. That was . . . nice. He felt a weird fuzzy feeling in his stomach. He liked holding her hand. And now he was blushing a little, too, but so was she, so it was okay.

Okay, good. Spies. Spies were easy and comfortable and they knew how to pretend, they were good at it, and it put everything into a context they could handle.

"Different names," he decided without needing to think about it. Spies used aliases during their missions, so of course they'd needed aliases, too, even if their real names were still Jozua and Lily. He wasn't sure if Sam Davies was supposed to be Lily's alias or her pretend real name, but if she wanted to be called Sam, it was probably an alias? Except Sam was a detective extraordinare, so did that make Sam the one going going on the mission to find the jewels? Best to ask.

"Is Sam your alias or your pretend real name? You can call me by my alias, um," he tried to think of a cool spy alias name, "Darrien Lang, but if we break character, my real name is, ah," oh, now he needed a cool spy name, "Spenser Hart." It was only after he said it that he realized he'd taken her last name for his first name, even if he was mentally spelling it differently. Oops. Oh well. It was fine. Oh, except he combined it with hart, which obviously sounded the same as heart and - gah. He was such a dork. He'd just have to pretend he wasn't subconsciously that corny. He was good at pretending, right? Maybe she'd think he was still blushing about them holding hands.

Which was still pretty awesome, by the way. He liked holding her hand.

They went in, got herded by Deputy Skies to be stand with the other prefects, and soon enough it was time for the prefect dance.

Jozua knew how to dance. His mom had seen to that. You couldn't be half-Maartin and not know how to dance. So he took Lily - Sam - into hold properly and led her around the dance floor. Being Spenser and Sam took away most of the awkwardness. They were supposed to be good at this. After a few spins, though, Lily yanked that security away.

And suddenly they were just Lily and Jozua out on the dance floor. And that was okay too. Better than okay, really. Because Lily wanted to be just Lily and Jozua, dancing together, in front of all of their peers, and that . . . that was the best thing Jozua could imagine.

He smiled at her with joy in his heart and butterflies in his stomach and said, "Yeah. The crown jewels can wait." He took a slightly shaky breath and asked, "Dance with me, Lily Spencer?" Which, really, was kind of dumb thing to say, because they already were but it was the principle of the thing.

  • Now to keep the momentum going.Lily, Thu Jul 12 20:41
    Jozua looked smashing and Lily’s stomach fluttered. It wasn’t the same overwhelming butterfly sort she’d felt with Geoff or Alex, so she didn’t think much of it. Primarily, she was concerned with the ... more
    • Like a rolling stone — Jozua, Fri Jul 13 20:59
      • "Sam'll be my pretend name, Octavia Lee will my alias." Lily appreciated Jozua for remembering those details - they were ever so consequential in pretend realistic spy situations. Spencer was her... more
        • There are some doozies in our past, tooJozua, Fri Jul 27 19:52
          "Got it," Jozua nodded, committing the name and alias to his short-term memory. He doubted this character play would come up again much in the future, except maybe as an inside joke, but he did want... more
          • We certainly can't forget those.Lily, Wed Aug 8 22:34
            Jozua was a surprisingly good dancer. She wasn't sure what she had expected, seeing as they'd hardly danced together before, but she was admittedly surprised. It was actually enjoyable - not tense... more
            • I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.Jozua, Tue Aug 14 14:15
              Jozua grinned as Lily assured him that climbing trees was not out of the question tonight. And they called Aladrens problem solvers. “Right, good plan,” he approved. “Probably try transfiguration... more
              • Throwing another one at you now.Lily, Wed Aug 15 01:14
                "Oh, Charlotte would murder me if this dress was torn," said Lily, unable to hide her smirk. "I can just imagine her expression. You can't deny it would be a fun game though, levitating each other,"... more
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