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I foresee awkward conversations in our future.
Sun Jul 15, 2018 16:00

"Sam'll be my pretend name, Octavia Lee will my alias." Lily appreciated Jozua for remembering those details - they were ever so consequential in pretend realistic spy situations. Spencer was her surname - most likely a coincidence or a lack of creativity on Jozua's part - but she supposed it fit as a decent first name as well.

They were both blushing, which was all right as long as she wasn't the only one. Lily was reminded that Jozua had real feelings for her, which only made her blush more before they walked into Cascade together.

As they danced, Lily quietly impressed by her best friend's skill, he smiled at her in response to her question. Suddenly, she felt vulnerable together with him in front of everyone, but as long as she didn't step on the dress and trip, she would be fine. Now she understood why Charlotte liked to wear her hair long - it provided excellent cover in situations like these when one's face was an embarrassingly unnatural hue.

"We're already dancing," said Lily immediately, smiling a little at the silly question, but Jozua looked serious. Did he mean something else? Maybe he meant dancing again after this, which was fine with her. "I mean, of course I will, Jozua Sparks. I'll dance with you all night, if you'd like, except when we're at the refreshments table. Or unless we decide to escape to Labyrinth Gardens." Perhaps that came out wrong, because often couples on dates sought solitude to do other things than dance or play pretend. She coloured, hoping he didn't get the wrong idea. She didn't think either of them were ready for something like that. "If we wanted to take a break from the ball, that is." It was only sounding worse, so she stopped talking. Maybe it would be best to stop saying whatever was immediately on her mind for now.

But in a few seconds Lily couldn't help herself. "I don't think I've ever stayed at a ball long enough to know how it gets on," she said. She also had no clue what to do on a date with her best friend. They were already so close, the only thing missing was the physical affection, one step Lily was actually afraid to initiate with Jozua right at this moment. "Have you ever stayed at a ball till the end?" Was it an awkward conversation topic? She was certain it was, but she really didn't know what else to chat about.

  • Like a rolling stoneJozua, Fri Jul 13 20:59
    She was blushing. It was kind of cute. Better not to mention it though. Jozua knew from personal experience that only made it worse. Oh, and now she was holding his hand. That was . . . nice. He felt ... more
    • I foresee awkward conversations in our future. — Lily, Sun Jul 15 16:00
      • There are some doozies in our past, tooJozua, Fri Jul 27 19:52
        "Got it," Jozua nodded, committing the name and alias to his short-term memory. He doubted this character play would come up again much in the future, except maybe as an inside joke, but he did want... more
        • We certainly can't forget those.Lily, Wed Aug 8 22:34
          Jozua was a surprisingly good dancer. She wasn't sure what she had expected, seeing as they'd hardly danced together before, but she was admittedly surprised. It was actually enjoyable - not tense... more
          • I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.Jozua, Tue Aug 14 14:15
            Jozua grinned as Lily assured him that climbing trees was not out of the question tonight. And they called Aladrens problem solvers. “Right, good plan,” he approved. “Probably try transfiguration... more
            • Throwing another one at you now.Lily, Wed Aug 15 01:14
              "Oh, Charlotte would murder me if this dress was torn," said Lily, unable to hide her smirk. "I can just imagine her expression. You can't deny it would be a fun game though, levitating each other,"... more
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