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Georgia Kirkly
Everything crossed
Tue Jul 17, 2018 09:25

Georgia had been prepared for dress shopping to be a complete nightmare, and at first it had been - the first few things she had tried on had all made her feel completely hideous to the point that she had wanted to cry with frustration. It didn’t help that her main tactic was wandering around vaguely, taking suggestions from Zevalyn, or from the shop assistants about what was popular, because she really wasn’t sure what she wanted. Except to look less fat. She knew there were certain alleged advantages that came with being a… bigger girl. She probably had more going on in certain areas than a lot of girls her age, and allegedly boys like that. Though the thought of actually showing off or emphasising any of that in anyway made her kind of cringe. So, what she wanted was basically a sack that completely hid her body in all of its ugliness whilst simultaneously looking fabulous and showing off her assets to their best advantage - without, in any way actually showing them, of course. Amazingly, with the help of one very patient and gentle shop assistant, she had actually found that. Kind of. The dusky pink dress had small cap sleeves, which made her feel a lot better than anything with thin straps as it disguised the tops of her arms which were one of her least favourite body parts. There was a flowery lacy kind of section which stopped just above the bust, giving way to a sheer fabric that formed the rest of the top - it emphasised the good parts of her shape without making her feel like she was at all showing… those. There was a sparkly band that ran just under the chest area, giving way to a long, flowy skirt, and it more or less hid her bulgy tummy, as best as anything was going to and… And it was nice. It was the nicest piece of clothing she had ever owned, and she really felt like she was going to prom - one of the many experiences that wizard school meant she was missing - and not only that, but that it might be a good evening.

She had been getting better at make-up throughout the year. She had been wearing foundation, blusher and mascara pretty confidently for most of the year, and for the ball had added some nice shimmery eyeshadow. It was mostly a delicate pink which complimented her dress thought she had also blended in a lighter shade in the inside corner and a little black at the outside corner. She still didn’t feel she had a handle on lipstick - it just made her mouth look big and ridiculous to her - so she had settled for tinted gloss. Hair styling was also still something of a mysterious art to her - her default being down, but a short ponytail when class required it. She had tried putting some twisty bits in it, and left a couple of strands to frame her face, which she had curled with her wand, but mostly it was in a sort of loosish bun which she had gone for making more formal by the addition of pink diamante pins.

She made her way down to the common room, where Joe was waiting. After almost five years in the wizarding world, she was kind of used to guys wearing what basically looked like dresses, but as she came down and found Joe in robes for the ball, she realised that she'd been imagining him in a suit. Hot on the heels of that realisation came the realisation that that meant she had been letting her mind wander over what her and Joe's evening might be like, and that perhaps she had given their Not A Date more consideration than she would care to admit.

"Thank you," she smiled as he complimented her. She knew it was just what you said in these situations, that he probably would have said it even if she looked attrocious but it still felt nice. "You too," she replied. And not just cos it was expected. Even with the surprise of robes, it was true. "Oh. That's really swret of you, thanks," she added, clearly surprised but pleased by the corsage. She hadn't really expected that... It was just a convenient arrangement, not really a date. They hadn't even firmly agreed to spend the rest of the evening together, although she kind of hoped they did because she wasn't sure she had masses of other options.

They made their way down to the entrance hall, and she just had time to catch Zev's eye and give her a smile before they were being arranged by Professor Skies and ushered inside because it was time to do that Dancing in Front of Everyone thing that she had been dreading.

Oh gosh. She had never really thought of Sonora as a big school, what with the mixed age classes and everyone pretty much knowing at least who everyone was, even if they weren't close friends. But now, with all eyes on them, it suddenly felt like an awful lot of people. The evening was suddenly not holding as much promise of being pleasant and enjoyable... She could feel her palms sweating and tried to wipe them surruptitiously on her dress, although she was pretty sure the hand she offered Joe was still slightly damp. Great. He was going to think she was totally gross. And then his hand had to go on her chubby waist. Wasn't dancing supposed to be kind of romantic? Right now, it seemed like it had been specifically designed to be as icky and humiliating as possible. Or maybe it just felt that way to her. It was, like basically everything in life, probably fine if you were skinny.

"Right. Here goes..." she muttered, half to herself and half to Joe. As the introduction to the waltz began her lips moved slightly, silently counting one, two, three, one, two, three in a way that suggested she had at least looked into the basics of what she was meant to be doing but that speaking whilst she attempted it might be a poor idea.

OOC - Georgia's dress

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