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DH Skies
House Cup Winners
Wed Jul 18, 2018 05:19

OOC - set later on the evening of the ball. Posted here to avoid confusion. You are welcome to post in one or both parts so long as your posts are not contradictory.

The waltzes and other traditional dances played for just over an hour, which was plenty of time for anyone who enjoyed that sort of thing (or wanted to find out whether they did) to have a spin or two around the dancefloor. They had also announced the last three dances of this type, to ensure that no one who had been desperately trying to pluck up the courage missed their chance. Now though, it was time to turn the jukebox over to the winning house.

"Attention please," Professor Skies called, her voice magically amplified for the purpose, "It is time for us to announce the winners of the house cup. The members of the winning house will each receive a token for the jukebox. You have the remainder of the evening to use it." She had ensured that the supplier knew this was for a school event and so, whilst its supply of both magical and Muggle music was extensive, anything truly filthy had been excluded, and any swear words had been edited out. The jukebox would cue up the songs in the order they were selected and, if it ran out of picks from the students, would revert to playing at random. It was likely to result in an eclectic selection, especially if there were students who preferred classical as there was nothing to say they couldn't select those pieces, but hopefully it would be fun.

"And so, without futher ado, this year's winners are... Teppenpaw. Congratulations. Enjoy your reward," she tapped her wand against a green velvet bag and, with a shower of yellow and maroon sparks, silver tokens flew out, making their ways to the members of the winning house.

That done, she made her way over to Nathan.

"Congratulations again," she smiled at him. "Hopefully this is a nice way to end the year. Though, frankly, the year ending is good enough for me."

    • Nice guys finish first [Tag Zev]Kir McLeod, Sat Jul 28 08:03
      The evening was going perfectly. Kir was sitting at one of the small tables, with his arm around his girlfriend. His girlfriend. How on earth had he got this lucky? She was beautiful. She was funny.... more
      • Perfecting the swish and twirlZevalyn Ives, Wed Aug 1 09:51
        Zevalyn had actually enjoyed the dress shopping with Georgia. Once she figured out how to recognize the too pricy stalls (step one, identify who is patronizing them; step two, look at dresses,... more
        • All about that fireworkKir and Georgia, Thu Aug 2 09:17
          “Ok. One fun dance number coming up,” he promised, leaning in to give her a quick kiss before getting out of his seat. At least, that had been the plan. It sort of turned into a slightly longer kiss... more
    • A good end of the year indeedNathan Xavier, Tue Jul 24 20:28
      The ball was going reasonably well. No prefects had danced with the scenery. Nobody had spiked the punch. He hadn’t seen any tears so far, and if any teenagers snuck out into the gardens they had... more
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