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Worts, Walls, all kinds of flowers here
Fri Jul 20, 2018 13:57

Cleo didn't know all the flowers. For a second Parker was stunned. It was as if someone had told him the sky wasn't blue, but actually undulating purple. He was skeptical at first. He quickly realized though that it might be that the flowers were non-magical. The names he mentioned were some of the flowers his mom grew, and liked because of their medical reasons.

Cleo mentioned wallflowers and Parker scrunched up his face. He didn't know they were a real thing either.

"Huh. I just know the band. I like there are actual flowers though. Walls are a good place for flowers to grow. Make boring things more beautiful in the process," Parker said. He didn't quite get the term Cleo was referencing.

If Parker had thought about Cleo before the ball, or really thought at all, he might have assumed Cleo had never been to a ball either. From what she had told him, her father wasn't the sort to make her go to them and get all dressed up like Tatya. He was sure Tatya was around here somewhere in a much different dress and jewelry, but probably with Dorian who Parker found himself enjoying whenever they were together. Well, the two times they'd been together.

Either way, when Cleo motioned to the photo booth Parker perked up.
Great. A picture of us will be great. Parker thought.

Parker had known he wanted a picture with Cleo, but as the speeches and dances had dragged on he'd been able to think more. He had gotten worried that she might think he was trying to get a photo to get closer to her physically. Parker had only ever seen the one way people were positioned together, and they were basically hugging.

He also thought of how awkward that photo might look, as Parker hadn't really started growing yet, or so he thought, and so Cleo was taller than him.

He had decided during the dancing that he was definitely worried about how his mom would react to a picture of him alone with a girl. But he wanted a picture of the two of them for when he was home, at the very least to show his sister so his sister would know Cleo next year.

So even though Parker did want to get closer to Cleo, and had seen how some of the older students were acting with each other, he wanted to make sure Cleo was ok with the picture and know it wasn't something she was making him do.

After all, Parker thought, she definitely needs a friend now more than ever. Not someone she needs to be worried about.

After the speeches ended and the first dance was over, Parker turned to Cleo.

"So umm, wanna take a picture with me?" Parker felt he needed to explain himself, so he quickly added, "I'd like a picture with you for when we're both not at school. You know a wallflower for my wall perhaps." Parker said the last bit in a joking manner, but immediately regretted it. He didn't mean to be flirting, did he? He paused momentarily, was still himself. No flashes of uncontrolled energy.

"Sorry, bad joke." Parker took a deep breath, "Come on, lets get a photo and some punch," he said with a smile as he nodded his head in the direction of archway. He reached up to pat the piece of juniper in his lapel and turned to begin walking towards the photo area. Parker felt a bit unsure of himself. He might have just seriously messed up their relationship with one poorly timed "joke". As he turned around he saw an elf standing around with some food and an eye on the two of them.

God, I'm such an idiot. Parker thought briefly, feeling like he was the wort on St. John.

  • So far, so goodCleo, Tue Jul 10 07:25
    For a second, Parker looked like he was going to reach out and play with her hair, but he stopped. Had she imagined that was his intention, was she being paranoid, or had he nearly but then stopped... more
    • Worts, Walls, all kinds of flowers here — Parker, Fri Jul 20 13:57
      • “They’re a band?” Cleo asked. Although she spent a lot of her life listening to the wireless, her daddy had always preferred talky shows, nice radio dramas, or shows that played that music that he... more
        • Me & Cinderella, we put it all togetherParker, Sun Jul 22 18:48
          Parker nodded to Cleo's question. He realized that possibly the Wallflowers weren't popular in the wizarding world. "They, umm, are a band my parents listened to. The one my dad used to play a lot is ... more
          • We could steal time just for one dayCleo, Sat Jul 28 05:57
            “Oh, I might know it. That sounds familiar anyway,” Cleo mused. And if it was something Parker’s parents listened to, then that made sense with the rough age of her musical experience. The version... more
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