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There's got to be something better than in the middle
Sat Jul 21, 2018 08:02

“They’re a band?” Cleo asked. Although she spent a lot of her life listening to the wireless, her daddy had always preferred talky shows, nice radio dramas, or shows that played that music that he knew. Cleo’s knowledge of music was relatively good, just mismatched to her age. She also tended to forget the names of artists. “I tend to know songs more than bands… What have they done?” she asked. “Oh, and did you know that Professor Wright wrote plays for the wireless? Before he was our teacher, I mean,” she added, her musings naturally leading her back to that point. “I don’t know if that’s something he wants all his students knowing,” she added to urge caution in how much Parker repeated this interesting fact. She trusted him with it because Parker was nice but she thought other students might make fun of Professor Wright - not because there was anything inherently comical or uncool about writing for the radio but because children were mean when they didn’t like somebody. Professor Wright was quieter and gentler than some of the other Professors, and she could imagine some of the bolshier students giving him a hard time, which she didn’t want to happen. She liked him.

Parker’s reference to wallflowers making things more beautiful merely got a nod. He was clearly referencing the flower and Cleo, being rather literal and none too poetic, was in no danger of misreading this as a veiled compliment, which was lucky because it would have startled her if she had been inclined to do so. The joke about a wallflower for his wall got a smile. She assumed he was referencing her as the wallflower that time, but it was in a funny, friendly way, and it also reassured her that he had understood her implication that she might prefer to lurk around the periphery than be the center of the action, which she appreciated.

“I thought it was funny,” Cleo reassured him, as he apologised for his joke. Of course, having grown up with a single father, Cleo’s baseline for humour appreciation was dad jokes, undiluted in their power to amuse as there was no mother to give a counteracting eyeroll and pass on the message that this humour should be tolerated rather than enjoyed.

“Sure,” she agreed, heading towards the archway with him, as he suggested getting their pictures done and having a drink.

OOC - if you get around to replying, feel free to write for the ball photographer. They’re part of the scenery, so they’re up for grabs for anyone to control.

  • Worts, Walls, all kinds of flowers hereParker, Fri Jul 20 13:57
    Cleo didn't know all the flowers. For a second Parker was stunned. It was as if someone had told him the sky wasn't blue, but actually undulating purple. He was skeptical at first. He quickly... more
    • There's got to be something better than in the middle — Cleo, Sat Jul 21 08:02
      • Me & Cinderella, we put it all togetherParker, Sun Jul 22 18:48
        Parker nodded to Cleo's question. He realized that possibly the Wallflowers weren't popular in the wizarding world. "They, umm, are a band my parents listened to. The one my dad used to play a lot is ... more
        • We could steal time just for one dayCleo, Sat Jul 28 05:57
          “Oh, I might know it. That sounds familiar anyway,” Cleo mused. And if it was something Parker’s parents listened to, then that made sense with the rough age of her musical experience. The version... more
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