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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Having a little fun (tag Fabian)
Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:11

The evening was off to a relatively interesting start - certainly a surprising one. Ingrid had been ready for the ball - or rather had thought she was ready - when Tatiana had crossed paths with her in the girls’ corridor. Her teammate had greeted her with “You look pretty!” which was fairly normal as ball social niceties went, although she couldn’t decide if the intonation sounded off for any reason other than it being Tatiana. She hadn’t had time to return what she assumed to be a compliment before Tatiana had told her to wait, and rushed back into her room. The younger girl had appeared moments later, holding out some of jewellery with the words “Here - you can borrow some, these look pretty.” Ingrid had thanked her, genuinely touched by the sisterly gesture, and was now decked out with some rather nicer accessories than she would have come to by herself - which would probably have been none, save some fairly simple earrings.

In terms of the three Wolseithcrafte girls, Ingrid fell in the middle in terms of dressiness. Francesca either had no time for such trivial matters as clothes or didn’t trust her own taste or both, but her oldest sister stuck to a firm rotation of classic cuts and colours, the kind that were never out of fashion and which she knew from trusted shop assistants suited her. Her wardrobe was almost entirely navy blue and cream, with the occasional splash of dark red, all of which easily matched together whichever combination was chosen. Jemima was very into self-expression, and artistic in temperament, with a penchant for anything orange, anything with exciting patterns on it, and - most especially - anything with exciting orange patterns. Her clothes would frequently have been disastrous if paired wrongly but she had a good eye for how things went together, even when on paper or according to fashion theory, they should not have done - and, on someone without Jemima’s ready confidence and personality, might easily have failed to. Ingrid wasn’t passionate about clothes but she liked to look nice for special occasions, and tended to prefer standing out a little from the crowd. Being closest to Jemima both in terms of age and emotionally, it had been hard for her not to rub off a little. They didn’t have very similar tastes, but Jemima could appreciate when something was good or interesting or suited a person even when it wasn’t to her own personal liking, and appreciated Ingrid’s willingness to be adventurous. Because of this, Ingrid also trusted her when she said something just flat out didn’t work - Jemima knew the difference between something not being something she liked, and something not suiting Ingrid, and was loyal and honest enough to call out which was which. Ingrid wished her sister had been available as a dress shopping partner. The best she had been able to do was run through some design ideas and get her measurements taken by Ann and Ann but request that they send the design via her sister for approval.

The dress was wine red - a fact that annoyed her mildly, as it reminded her of Francesca’s conservative choices, but the colour suited her and she knew her dress was never something her sister would have worn. It had a relatively low front and was fitted to her slender, athletic figure, a slit up the side showing off one of her long legs. None of this was the best part though. It was made from an illusion fabric, so that when she twirled, a pattern rippled across it just for the briefest of seconds. She had chosen to have the fabric mimic dragon scales. Her dark hair was piled up in a loose up-do, and her make-up was simply but elegantly done.

She met Fabian in the Common Room, and they made their way down to the Cascade Hall. As Ingrid knew full well how to waltz, the only issue she foresaw with the prefect dance was if there was a prankster on the loose, as their had been in Francesca’s ball year. Someone had had fun icing up the floor and Francesca had ended up taking a tumble, along with her date. Although given subsequent events, ending up underneath Jay Carey had probably not been as bad as it had seemed at the time - it seemed to be something that, after that evening, her sister had rather acquired a taste for. In fact, looking at it a certain way, the prefects dance was win-win - no prankster meant that they all had a perfectly nice respectable dance in which they looked good. If they took a tumble, it might loosen Fabian up a bit and break the ice regarding non-ballroom touching. Not that she really fancied him. But it might be fun for an evening… Louis would probably have been more fun, certainly based on their track record, but he wasn’t proper company. Which was a shame… Still, Fabian would certainly be fun to flirt with, if nothing else, and maybe that would also annoy the Aladren captain, which was a bonus. If she couldn’t be getting Louis hot and bothered in one sense, she’d rather do it in the other… Not that she was vindictive, just they had always been competitive with each other. That meant that, if she couldn’t be having fun with him, she needed to have more fun that he did. Starting with the prefect dance. Ballroom dancing was basically a socially appropriate way for them to press up against each other and have conversations no one else could hear. This was one of the few observations of Theodore’s that had stuck with her - she was pretty sure he had been trying to call out hypocrisy, but she had just made a mental note of how useful an arrangement he was describing.

“Any particular way you’d like to spend this evening, after we’re through with this dance?” she asked. The art of flirting as a proper lady was to make remarks that could, if deniability was required, be completely innocent. But which the smile she was giving Fabian suggested he was free to take a different way if he so chose…

OOC: Ingrid’s dress is like this but dragonier
God-modding of Tatya and Fabian approved by their authors

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