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Crossing your toes might not be the best idea here.
Sat Jul 21, 2018 22:30

Overall, Joe thought things were going well so far. He had a date at all, which meant he would not have to bring further shame on the name of the house of Umland by either doing something stupid or refusing to do something which was in his job description. Said date was pleasant and amusing company who looked very pretty tonight and whose dress did not inspire an excess of Distracting Thoughts and was overall the kind of dress which would not outrage his mother’s very conservative Catholic sensibilities if she somehow ended up knowing about it.

All that was good. Brilliant, even. There was only one problem remaining: actually dancing.

Technically, Joe did know how, more or less. Julian had taught him. It was one thing, though, in his sister’s family room with said sister, in capris and tennis shoes, for a partner and everyone laughing and not taking it at all seriously, and quite another here, before God and everybody. How did Julian manage this all the time? How had she learned it in the first place? Had Charlie taught her when they were in school, or had William done so later, or was it just something girls somehow Knew?

He noticed that Georgia appeared to be mouthing the steps to herself. That probably ruled out that last wild idea, then. Something about this helped him retreat from the impulse to let his mind flitter about, though the end of this act of being publicly goggled at while he felt as though he were play-acting with only half a script still couldn’t come fast enough.

“I can’t believe people used to think waltzing was shocking,” said Joe. “How - much easier could that have been, right?” He edited what he had actually meant to say at the last moment, turning it into a joke because he thought that it might not be gentlemanly to discuss how early objections to the waltz had involved the scandalous thoughts that could occur when pretty much the other person’s entire body was in such close proximity. "Er - I did, you know, not ruin your dress, right?" he asked.

It was, he thought, probably for the best that Raine had shot him down before he could even ask her earlier in the year. He had caught a glimpse of her dress earlier. That was not the kind of thing one’s prim Catholic parents could find out that one found extremely interesting. It was impossible to imagine Dad…he wasn’t even going to go there. It was better if he just focused all of his attention very firmly on what was actually in front of him.

“Want to get drinks?” he asked Georgia.

  • Everything crossedGeorgia Kirkly, Tue Jul 17 09:25
    Georgia had been prepared for dress shopping to be a complete nightmare, and at first it had been - the first few things she had tried on had all made her feel completely hideous to the point that... more
    • Crossing your toes might not be the best idea here. — Joe, Sat Jul 21 22:30
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