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No lies here.
Mon Jul 23, 2018 09:29

Parker hadn't thought there might be snacks here in the Hall. It made sense though so Parker nodded to Dorian and began to walk with him.

Parker quickly realized after listening for a bit that Dorian seemed to feel guilty for interrupting his suit purchasing. Which seemed odd as Parker didn't think Dorian had done anything wrong, nor really interrupted anything. Parker had still bought his suit. That was all he needed to do.

"No worries Dorian. You didn't interrupt my day," Parker replied with a smile. He had hoped that Dorian would feel less guilty, and had found smiles had a way of making people feel more comfortable. They walked a bit more in silence. Though Parker wasn't one to be silent for long, he understood the need for it from time to time, so was happy to walk the length of a stall or so in silence.

When Dorian spoke again, things started to become clear. Though momentarily hurt that Dorian didn't think of him as a friend just yet, or at least wasn't seeking him out, Parker was surprised.

"Wow. That's actually a smart move. I understand needing space for a minute. After my brother would get... umm" Parker momentarily got quiet, "I would often need space and go outside to get away from him."

Parker kept walking next to Dorian for a few seconds before realizing that Dorian might not want him around. The thought made Parker a bit sad, but if Dorian needed space, walking with Parker might not give him the space he needed. Parker though now had an urge to befriend Dorian.

"If you still need space, I can go get a snack by myself and let you get on with your day. Or we can go find something good to eat together and I can distract anyone you don't want to talk to."

  • And to tell little white liesDorian, Sun Jul 1 20:16
    Parker didn’t seem like he was mad at Dorian, which was good. His first feeling on realising it was Parker at the stall had been a sort of stomach clenching anxiety. In the one real conversation they ... more
    • No lies here. — Parker, Mon Jul 23 09:29
      • Parker really seemed ok with it. Which was a relief. Parker seemed, generally, to be quite nice. Perhaps this was not the most dramatic revelation. Most people seemed to feel that ‘nice’ was a banal... more
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