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Nathan Xavier
A good end of the year indeed
Tue Jul 24, 2018 20:28

The ball was going reasonably well. No prefects had danced with the scenery. Nobody had spiked the punch. He hadn’t seen any tears so far, and if any teenagers snuck out into the gardens they had managed to avoid his notice at least. Of course, the night was still young, and people might be waiting for the House Cup announcement before trying anything that might jeopardize their House’s chances.

Soon enough that announcement came. He had spent the intervening time talking with Isis mostly, occasionally other staff members, and once he’d even taken Isis out on the dance floor, all while keeping an eye out for trouble, either intentional, situational, or plague induced. He’d begin making his rounds soon, to tell the seventh years good luck and give them his best wishes for their future success, but that could wait until after the House Cup announcement, too.

Selina called for attention, explained the jukebox privilege, and awarded the Cup to . . . Teppenpaw.

Nathan smiled and applauded for his students, pleased to have the cup reside in his House again. His cat had taken to sleeping inside it, and he didn’t like to disrupt the old girl’s routines. Plus, it was always nice to have such a physical reminder of his students’ accomplishments. Proof, as it were, that nice kids finished first, too.

He smiled again as Selina approached him. “Thanks,” he said warmly toward her congratulations, accepting them on behalf of his House. He laughed then, when she expressed her relief that the year was ending at all. “Yeah, I didn’t even bother looking for summer lodgings until the Quarantine was lifted,” he admitted. He’d been an early victim of the illness, having probably picked it up from Jozua, Georgia, or Joe in the first couple weeks, but he would have readily volunteered to help watch the students stuck here over summer if it came to that. Unlike some of the staff, he didn’t have any other family obligations to get back to, and his girlfriend was already here.

Once the quarantine was lifted, however, he’d been quick to start looking for summer rentals a good long way away from Arizona. He and Isis had found a nice little cottage they both liked out on the Maine coast, remote enough from . . . basically everything . . . to be cheap, but absolutely beautiful and tranquil, exactly what they both needed after the madness of the past school year. Lack of electricity wouldn’t bother a pair of magical folk, and while indoor plumbing would probably have been nice, he was willing to deal with an outhouse and water pump for a couple months in exchange for such an amazing view everyday.

“We did find someplace very nice, though,” he added quickly, in case Selina got concerned that the delay might have resulted in a homeless staff member or two. He had never explicitly stated he and Isis lived together during the summers these days, but he didn’t think it would be hard for her to guess who the ‘we’ referred now that she knew they’d been dating for over three years.

Come to think of it, their first dance had been exactly four years ago, at at last ball, though Nathan hadn’t known that Isis had been harboring any kinds of feelings but friendship for him at the time. He smiled faintly in fond memory.

OOC: Isis’s approval of the cottage approved by her author.

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    • A good end of the year indeed — Nathan Xavier, Tue Jul 24 20:28
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