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I'm not really sure any more. It got confusing
Sat Jul 28, 2018 04:47

Parker really seemed ok with it. Which was a relief. Parker seemed, generally, to be quite nice. Perhaps this was not the most dramatic revelation. Most people seemed to feel that ‘nice’ was a banal word, devoid of much personality or even any real complimentary powers. But until the point, Parker had intimidated him quite a lot, so even if ‘nice’ was not a staggering and insightful observation that revealed a real connection with Parker’s true personality, it was definitely an improvement in how Dorian felt about him. He felt better that he hadn’t made Parker mad at him, or somehow done something else stupid, and that sense of relief also let him let go of a bit of the wound up feelings he’d had before.

Parker seemed to start to try to explain something about his brother and needing space, but he stopped abruptly. That piqued Dorian’s curiosity. It sounded… rather familiar. Except he was forever retreating inside, - up to the attic, or finding his mother, to keep clear of Matthieu. He searched for something to say. He wasn’t sure he was reading what Parker said correctly though. Maybe he was just assuming, based off what it was like for him. Didn’t people take space from their siblings all the time? Siblings could be annoying, for example. Or just want to do different things. Just because Parker didn’t want to be around his brother all the time, did not mean that said brother was beating him up. There was also the fact that, even if they did have it in common, he wasn’t exactly sure he was supposed to bring it up. It certainly wasn’t a subject he liked discussing. What were they going to do? Sit and swap stories of places they’d been punched? As common ground went, it was embarrassing and awful. He hadn’t even told his friends that much about Matthieu because it involved bringing to light all those things his brother saw as his defects.

“Space can be good,” he agreed, feeling that Parker was doing his best to drop the subject and deciding it would be kinder to let him. If he’d let something slip about Matthieu, he would have preferred that. It was easier to pretend that Matthieu didn’t exist - or, if forced to admit that he did, just to pretend that nothing was wrong.

“I would like to eat snacks together with you,” Dorian confirmed to Parker. He neither really needed a snack, nor needed space any more - at least he didn’t think so. The confusion of trying to work out whether he had intruded, and on how to talk with Parker had thoroughly distracted him from his annoyance about the tan remark. He was less in a bad mood now, and more just… a bit bewildered, though some of that came from navigating the conversation with Parker himself, because he was unfamiliar and that was tricky. Still, maybe if they got a snack together, Parker would become more familiar, and then it would be easier in future. Which might well happen given that Parker seemed… nice.

  • No lies here.Parker, Mon Jul 23 09:29
    Parker hadn't thought there might be snacks here in the Hall. It made sense though so Parker nodded to Dorian and began to walk with him. Parker quickly realized after listening for a bit that Dorian ... more
    • I'm not really sure any more. It got confusing — Dorian, Sat Jul 28 04:47
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