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We could steal time just for one day
Sat Jul 28, 2018 05:57

“Oh, I might know it. That sounds familiar anyway,” Cleo mused. And if it was something Parker’s parents listened to, then that made sense with the rough age of her musical experience. The version going around her head was actually the original by David Bowie, but she didn’t know that.

“The radio,” Cleo clarified, when Parker asked about the wireless. Her daddy was Muggleborn, and so she knew a bit about Muggle technology, and the names for things in both worlds from him and from her grandparents, plus she had gone to Muggle elementary school. She therefore also knew the word WiFi and the concept of what it did but, having never assumed it wasn’t just… a word in its own right was unaware with the confusing overlap in vocabulary.

“You did look after me,” Cleo assured him. He seemed to feel like he’d let her down somehow, even though he’d consistently been the best friend ever. “Hey, I was the one that kept shutting myself away,” Cleo reminded him, when he apologised for not spending enough time with her. “And I doubt your sister’s going to do that, so you’ll be more than capable of looking after her. But of course I’ll help - especially if she’s in Crotalus. And everyone will look after her if she’s in Teppenpaw. She’ll be fine. Any idea where she will go?”

The photo lady presumed they were a couple but Parker hastily set her straight on that point, and then she seemed to accept it, calling them friend one and friend two in a cheerful manner as she stood them on their spots. Cleo was a little naive and tended to take what people said at face value, or not pick up so well on their tones of voice. She smiled happily, ready to have her picture taken.

  • Me & Cinderella, we put it all togetherParker, Sun Jul 22 18:48
    Parker nodded to Cleo's question. He realized that possibly the Wallflowers weren't popular in the wizarding world. "They, umm, are a band my parents listened to. The one my dad used to play a lot is ... more
    • We could steal time just for one day — Cleo, Sat Jul 28 05:57
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