Malikhi Hill, Pecari
The way I see it, it's only just begun.
Sat Jul 28, 2018 06:29

Malikhi had had no preference in terms of houses when he walked into the hall for the sorting and subsequent feast. His only hope that the house that he did end up in was with people who were friendly, nice and had a sense of humour or his trick-playing would be very dull indeed. Malikhi was not cruel and didn't want to upset anyone with his pranks. They were designed to make people laugh but nothing was worse if it backfired and he ended up causing misery instead. So, when his name was called, he strode confidently up to the Sorting Potion and dunked his badge in with no hesitation. Upon pulling it out, the badge had changed to brown and with a smile, he meandered over to the Pecari table.

He was pleased when the speech wasn't a long one. He wanted nothing more than to pile his plate high of delicious food and dig in and he was happy when it seemed that the Headmaster either wanted to do the same or the man was considerate enough of the students whose stomachs were rumbling. He took part in the song, though his voice was somewhat off-key and he didn't really know how fast he should sing despite having the words but he tried nonetheless. When that was over, he was happy to start helping himself to some delicious looking chicken breast, mashed potatoes and, to Malikhi's utter delight, Yorkshire pudding.

He was just about to start eating when he noticed something out the corner of his eye. Or rather, someone. With wide eyes, he realised that he recognised her - after all, who could forget the bright orange lipstick she wore? However, unlike at orientation when she had seemed cheerful, chatting to her friend, she now looked miserable. Malikhi was very confused. They'd only just sat down. What on earth could possibly be upsetting her?

He jumped when she suddenly snapped at him, obviously having caught him staring at her. If he had needed any further confirmation that the girl was upset, he had it in the watery bloodshot eyes and the snarl of her lips. He was rather alarmed. He didn't deal very well with people who were upset and he wasn't entirely sure what the problem was.

After a moment, she seemed to recede and had muttered an apology to him. Was this what all girls were like here in America? If that was so, Malikhi felt that he would either end up treading on eggshells around them or avoiding them altogether. They seemed rather scary.

"I, uh," his voice came out awkward and a little squeaky and he blushed. He was ashamed at having been caught staring. He cleared his throat and tried again. "I noticed that you seemed upset. I want to know why. So, why are you upset?"

  • Well, it was nice while it lasted.Evelyn Stones, Fri Jul 27 21:24
    From the cauldron of potion to her seat at the Pecari table, Evelyn could hardly breathe. It had taken her a long time to start the walk and it wasn't until someone-- she didn't even see who--... more
    • The way I see it, it's only just begun. — Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 06:29
      • Is everybody here...nice?Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 10:59
        Evelyn stared back at the boy with nerves drawn into his expression. His reply had surprised her and she could feel her brain processing this information, slowly, as if it weren't willing to accept... more
        • Well, I don't know about everyone... but I think I am?Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 11:13
          Malikhi was absolutely convinced that girls were some kind of different species to his own gender. The girl next to him had done a complete u-turn in her emotions and had now managed to compose... more
          • I really don't know if I am, but I'll try!Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 11:28
            Evelyn smiled and copied her new friend by shoveling mashed potatoes and roast onto her plate. She did cast one furtive glance around the room to see if she could spot Ness at the Alandren table, but ... more
            • Trying is all that anyone asks for. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 12:20
              Malikhi was amused by Evelyn. She seemed to be rather eccentric, not that he hadn't already guessed that when he'd seen her in the gardens with the bright orange lipstick. He felt that on anyone... more
              • That's not true, sometimes they ask for halfsies.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 12:47
                Dessert sounded wonderful. "I'm a sucker for brownies. Honestly, a good brownie is totally unbeatable. But I'd take profiteroles and ice cream, too!" Evelyn admitted. She smiled, doing her best to... more
                • I'll share mine, if you share yours...Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 13:07
                  Malikhi agreed enthusiastically with Evelyn. Anything that even remotely involved chocolate was delicious - profiteroles, brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate mousse... Oh, he was... more
                  • That sounds fair.Evelyn Stones, Sat Jul 28 14:14
                    Evelyn wrinkled her nose at the thought of tasting a spell, but decided the idea wasn't the worst she'd heard. She still preferred to let Malikhi try it first, though. He looked so excited that she'd ... more
                    • Fair exchange is no robbery. Malikhi Hill, Pecari, Sat Jul 28 14:45
                      Malikhi copied Evelyn in her drink-pouring and helped himself to something that was purple and also fizzy and, when he tasted it, was delicious and sweet. He'd made a good choice, it seemed, as it... more
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